How to make your chocolate day sweetest with your partner

Go and express your lover for your partner this chocolate day with these tips on how to make it sweetest for your partner. There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

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It’s the third day of valentine week and it’s the most awaited day for women, as they get a lot of chocolates today. When it comes to celebrating the romantic season of Valentine week, roses and chocolates are the key ingredient to a romantic week. “Just like red roses chocolate is also a universal symbol of love and affection. And you might hardly find who can’t resist good old chocolates. So this valentine’s Day get lost in the dreamy taste of chocolates with your special someone. Gifting chocolates will further sweeten your bond” something Gifts2IndiaOnline suggests. Now for those who are still confused on how to make this day count and memorable, here are few tips for you guys! If you are getting married any time soon and looking for some great great ideas then you should come to Indian Wedding show where one of the best in Indian wedding field are coming under one roof and you can feel the aura.

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Chocolate Cake

If chocolate lovers worldwide congregated in one place, it could potentially be equal to the population of China and India combined! But what is it about this sweet nothing that makes it so irresistible? Chocolate is the one key ingredient for a girls’ night out, Valentine’s Day party or romantic date. Delightful chocolates can be eaten in form of cakes. There are more than hundreds of chocolate flavoured cakes offered at stores. Some popular chocolate flavoured cakes are Truffle Cakes, Chocolate Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Cake, German chocolate cake and black forest cake. They can be personalised as per the choice of additional flavours & decoration. Richie’s Cake Shop has Cakes as their forte. They’re specialized in design cakes – 2D, 3D, cake paintings, wedding cakes….you name it, they have it.

savePhoto: Richie's Cake Shop.
Photo: Richie’s Cake Shop.

Chocolate Spa

It would be one of the best ways to relax your body. You can book an appointment for chocolate massage for yourself and for your partner. Wouldn’t it be the best way to give your body a rest? And at the same you will be able to spend some time with your partner also. Chocolate massage has its own other advantages also like it helps in curing rough skin especially on those stubborn spots such as the elbows, knees and feet. You should also get flowers for your partner as flowers are for all occassions, Ohana Fine Flowers can help you out with so many options to choose from. 

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

The game

You can play treasure hunt with making use of chocolates. Basically you have to hide chocolates at different places and leave a clue at every place. Make sure that you have an idea about what kind of chocolates you partner likes and if you want to make it more special, you can tie up chocolates with a red ribbon and surround it by rose petals in a shape of a heart5 Ideas to make time for your partner. 

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.


You can spend your day by trying something new like baking various chocolate goodies. Baking with your partner would be a really different experience from your daily life and if you don’t know how to bake then you can take some classes from a professional or you can even take the help of YouTube, it has various baking tutorials. Cute text messages that will make your partners day.

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

A big chocolatey gift

You can take a huge cardboard box and fill it with all kind of chocolates of different flavours and different brands. With each chocolate you can tie up a chit with a sweet message inside it (you can write about all the memorable moments that you guys have spent together). Isn’t it every chocolate lover’s dream to have a whole bunch of huge chocolate box by their self? How to make things better in a relationship to strengthen it more. 

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Chocolate date

Now this is the ting you can do different from others. Firstly send your partner a chocolate bouquet with a message quoting “would you like to go on a chocolate day with me”? After that search for the best chocolate bakery in your city and then you can take your partner over there. Never under estimate the power of a chocolate specially when it’s about women, it’s one of their biggest weakness. Make sure to get a lovely wedding photoshoot with your loved ones from Our Wedding Chapter.

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

It is given by the couple to express their deep love and affection towards their loved ones or valentines. It is given by the youths to their girl friends to enhance the level of friendship or propose for love. It is given by anyone to anybody to show the love and care to each other. Make sure to visit Indian wedding Show if you are intrested in knowing about the best in wedding business, from planners to photograhers to dress designers.

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