How to make your partner feel special during your wedding

These things are always going to stay in your memories and going to make you and your partner laugh afterwards whenever you look back to them.

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Indian weddings are usually an affair of about 3-4 days. Although it’s not a long time, considering the fun that takes place in all these days, the whole planning and everything starts from about 2-3 months before the wedding. This time may also sound very long enough but for the host families, this doesn’t prevent them from being occupied with all the work. Amidst all this chaos, the couple does not get enough time to spend with each other. As you all know, the time span between engagement and wedding is very special for the couple and you definitely would not want your wedding arrangements to intrude into this special time of yours. Know these 5 Moments you have to experience during your mehendi ceremony 

savePhoto: Lavish Eyedea Wedding Planners
Photo: Lavish Eyedea Wedding Planners

Get a planner


Wedding planner is the very first thing that you need for your wedding. Your wedding planner is going to look after almost everything that you need. You will not have to worry about anything and you can easily take time out for your partner without thinking about the due works you have to do. Lavish Eyedea Wedding Planners will take care of all your needs. According to the expert from the same wedding planning company, “planners speaks to the customer about everything and know what are the needs.  Necessities like decoration etc are not the only thing that they look after but planning is something beyond it. Honeymoon and after parties are also planned well to make the couple hassle free”.

savePhoto: Lavish Eyedea Wedding Planners
Photo: Lavish Eyedea Wedding Planners

Sneak out

Overlook the fact that you both can meet each other in the daylight in front of everyone, it is really fun to meet your partner by sneaking away quietly from the house while everybody has slept or when you at work or with your family. It will also give you some great memories. You can surprise your partner on your wedding day by getting a very beautiful and yummy wedding cake pre-ordered from Nik Baker’s. “A combination of sweet memories and fruitful flavour is the only thing that is required to make your partner feel pleased and have a beutiful wedding.“, says an expert from the same company. So here are few ways through which you can make your partner feel special during your wedding.

savePhoto: Nik Baker's
Photo: Nik Baker’s


You definitely would go for your wedding shopping and wedding shopping can never be done in just one round. You will have to go out again and again and this will be just a right excuse to spend time with your partner. It will indeed be very good as you will get to shop along with your partner; all your wedding outfits will be given thumbs up by your partner, already. You can take her to  Jasmine Bains for some exclusive collection.

Date often

Be spontaneous with dating, as soon as you both get time, go out with each other. Ask your siblings to look after the other things if you are too much piled up with work. This will be rejuvenating for both of you and small and sudden dates are always fun anyway. Indana Palace can be your ideal option to go for a perfect date.

savePhoto: Indiana Palace
Photo: Indiana Palace

Do work in advance

When you know your wedding date is coming near and things are getting bigger and bigger, the very first thing you should do is to increase your pace at work. Try to complete your daily targets before time or devote some extra time to your project so that you can focus on other things and have some time out for your partner as well. This will prevent you from being overburdened as well. Have a look at How to take out time for sweet moments with your partner during wedding chaos

Family meetings

Not only your partner, you also have a new family to look after and it is important to fill up the gaps here too. Plan some family outings or some short trips where both the families can get to know each member and gel up together well. This is give you and your partner also some time to spend with each other and you will also know about how much compatible both the families are with each other. Read How to make your wedding delightful time for your wedding guests

savePhoto: Jasmine Bains
Photo: Jasmine Bains

And never miss a chance to make your partner feel special every time you meet them. This will make your meetings even more special. Have a look at 5 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

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