How To Make Your Wedding More Interesting!

Your Wedding will be remembered by you throughout your lifetime, no matter how many events and rituals it contained. But will your guests remember it too? To make sure they do, there are many things that are to be taken care of. It is not very easy to organize a Wedding that is remembered by the guests throughout the journey as they attend many Weddings throughout the year just like you do! Indian Weddings do not go without calling the entire family over to celebrate! If you are spending a lot of money to make sure every thing is to the point and successful, you can go about a lot of things. You can also go through How to Make Your Wedding Planning More Effective to get more ideas about the same!

Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.

Special gifts for guests

Indians have a mentality that if they receive something in turn of something that they are giving, then the other person is awesome! So keeping this in mind, one of the best way to make a good impression among the guests is to provide them with goodies and gifts, and they will be as happy as ever and enjoy the event throughout! This will help them in praising you in front of others, and your ‘THE DAY’ will be talked about often, making you feel proud!

Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.

Place your photos on the guest tables

Indian Weddings are the ones in which the host families invite people that are really distant to them. So, just for the sake of them to know and remember as to whose Wedding it is, and know more about the bridal couple themselves, you can plan of keeping placards of your best photographs and help the guests to remember you in a sweeter way!

 Plan something for the kids

Kids normally get bored when it comes to Weddings. If they have company, then nothing can stop them from moving and running around from here to there, troubling all the Uncle’s and Aunty’s. But the problem arises when there is no company. So, to solve this issue, you can plan up for a separate kid’s corner, where you can arrange a full kit of stationary item, so that the kids are busy doing something or the other!

Have a photobooth

Not just the kids, but the youngsters too get bored when it comes to attending marriages. Most of the teenagers dodge the idea of going to someone’s Wedding. But at times they have to, when they are left with no option! So to make their visit comfortable and memorable, you can plan and put up a photobooth with various and different types of properties that they can use while they get their photographs clicked!

Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.

Have a corner for special messages

The people present at the Wedding are obviously there to bless you and give you their blessings for a happily married life ahead in the future. But there are many times when the Bride becomes to anxious with the heavy bridal attire, jewellery, and what not. Due to this anxiousness. there are many times when the bridal couple misses out on some guests. So in order to avoid that, you can put up a special corner for the messages that the guests would want to give you!

Have the lanterns released

Most of the Indian Wedding rituals are done in the night. Like say, Mehendi, Sangeet, and so on, until the Marriage and Reception. So to make it even more beautiful, you can plan of letting out as many lanterns as possible, to make sure there is peace in your married life. It will not just make the venue look beautiful, but also make the sky look bigger and better!

Have an eye-catching wedding cake

Wedding cakes are a really amazing part of all the Weddings. They just don’t cut it because of the schedule, but because the bridal couple are happy to be with each other, and to celebrate their togetherness. But buying the best wedding cake is really important as well. You can go for Exotic Cakes and Deserts as they are just too good with cakes!

Photo: Exotic Cakes and Deserts.
Photo: Exotic Cakes and Deserts.

Have the best food

While more than half of the guests attend the Wedding to congratulate the bridal couple, the rest of the people attend a Wedding to eat food. There are such foodies across the country, that there are times when the outsiders come and eat food as well. No matter whoever eats it, it should be good! Royal Catering Services comes under the list of one of the best caterers in Delhi and is very trustworthy too!

Photo: Royal Catering Services.
Photo: Royal Catering Services.

If the guests are impressed, then congratulations. You have just carried out an outstanding event! If a Wedding is GRAND, it will be remembered anyhow, as they experience many new things! You can go through How to organize a Grand Wedding for more!

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