How to pose for your pre wedding shoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots are a great way to capture the romance between you two lovebirds.  the best part of photoshoots is the ability to create an album full of accurately timed intimate moments that can be relived for the rest of your lives. Pre wedding photoshoots can ultimately be considered a whole day dedicated to eachother expressing your love for one another, in a world of your own, with your own personal camera crew capturing all the right moments – from the bloopers to the final piece.

The best part of pre wedding photoshoots is the fact that they consist only of you two and the photographer, no guests, no wild parties and absolutely no stress. Although, *side note* you may occasionally have the camera man/lady often interrupting and briefing you on how to do things, but,  remember guys this is just to ensure you have an amazing set of images to treasure for the rest of your lives. We advise that you pick a photographer you are happy with and brief them beforehand with your expectations of the shoot, that way you can all work together as a team to produce the desired results. Now warnings aside, prepare yourself for these beautifully created moments captured below by some of our best photographers! : The Story Weavers and FfStudio.

Photo: Ffstudio.

Shadow of your love

This beautiful union of two souls creates a perfect picture showcasing their love which is going to be treasured by them for the rest of their lives. This picture gives an ultimate look to your pre-wedding album. Do not forget to say thankyou to your cameraman to capture this beautiful moment for a lifetime.

Photo: The Story Weavers.

Kiss on Head

A classic pose that speaks thousands of words, feelings and memories is an absolute must do! The professional shoot is bound to get you nervous. Do not overdose, let it flow. Just be yourself when you are together and lost in eyes of your love you will find posing comes naturally. Softly plant a kiss on the head to show that how much you love your partner, this is the most passionate kiss among all. So open your doors to the love of your life.

Photo: The Story Weavers.

Love is in the Air

The perfect romantic silhouette captured allows you both to escape into your own perfect little world, consisting of just you and your loved one.  The best photos will be the ones where you so naturally  get lost in each others love and romance. Get cosy and intimate, be natural, behaving this way will showcase how your deep connection is instantly!.

Photo: Ffstudio.

Live, Love, Laugh!

When you are together don’t be afraid to laugh together, it can often feel a little embarrassing having the camera crew watching your every move but, when you think about it, it´s you and your loved one against the world, so, relax, breathe and most importantly have fun! the best feeling will be looking back at the pictures and being able to relive these exact moments, so make them one to remember!

Photo: The Story Weavers.

Timing is everything

A key thing to consider when capturing your heart felt moments is your background. select a location perfect for the both of you, with jaw dropping scenery. Now, sunsets for example, are huge contributers to the ambience created when capturing these perfect pictures. Timing is everything, you want to go to your location at the right time to take advantage of the natural lighting, let nature do it´s thing and with a slight edit here and there, you will have a picturesque moment to treasure for the rest of your lives! Consider the weather, alongside lighting, wind and rain are big contributors. Now, for those who are bollyowood fanatics and want to capture that bollywood moment, try the rain kiss, although, to achieve this, you will need to have great patience with the rain. For those who prefer dry days, be weary of windy days, this can either work in your favour creating that wind swept look, or, ultimately spoil the whole look. Essentially consider timings –  when you can capture the gorgeous sky and warm shadows for your background.

Photo: The Story Weavers.

The Perfect  Romantic look

Have fun, that is the main thing, you are creating these poses and photos to reflect you as a couple, so be as natural as possible and as they say’let nature take its course’- create fun poses. Perhaps try another classic, – lost in their eyes pose. be the couple that can endlessly gaze into each others eyes,  photographer Dipak is great at capturing this intimate moment. factors such as place, dress, look,and pose all add an extra dimensions to your photos. But, most importantly keep your story real, and tell the whole world why you two are together.

Photo: The Story Weavers.

The romantic cycle ride & Story

for those lovebirds who just want to have fun, poses like the one below are great for you. it really creates a story of its own showcasing a flourishing revitalising relationship.   you can even add  Props that tell a Story to make it more attractive  or to make it more personal and realistic, actually go on a date of your own.

Photo: The Story Weavers.

Different Styles – what yours ?

You could even try something new and perhaps as the girl, go down on one knee to propose or share a kiss on the hand – why does it have to always be the guy?. Why don´t you try and make the other half feel special and turn the tables for a change!

Photo: Ffstudio.

Uniqueness is possible only when you hire pre- wedding photographers such as Dipak studios who is creative in his approach and captures the perfect shoot for you.

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