How to organise a fabulous outdoor winter wedding

Weddings are special and the fun is even more when it is in winters. Winters are so good after all. You start off your day with a steaming hot cup of coffee and never get enough of delicious food and the best part is, your energy level remains constant throughout. To have your wedding in winter can be a bliss because then you don’t have big irritating sun above your head while roaming all around the market place, you do not have to worry about having open venue, your heavy bridal outfit do not confine your body movement and etc. Also read What to Wear to a Winter Wedding. Winters are something which should be felt because that’s the beauty of it and similarly, the beauty of having a wedding is when it is in outdoor and not indoor. Let’s have at how you plan a fabulous outdoor winter wedding:

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Light it up

The nights of winters are known for their thickness of darkness. The more lightings are there, the more beautiful it gets. Set up your venue into a beautiful paradise where there are a lot of amusing lights. Have your wedding planned perfectly by Moon13 Entertainment.

Winter feels

To give your wedding the pinch of outdoor winter wedding look, you can place small bonfires around the place where the guests can sit and make themselves feel cozy and comfortable. It will give an amazing look to your location and will be technically good for guests too. It will also lit up your venue giving it a beautiful look. Read How to look gorgeous in your winter bridal dress

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Food care

Your food makes up most of your wedding and that is how your guests are going to remember you, on the basis of how the food was. To make sure you have perfect food stalls, have a perfect menu. Add wintery dishes to it. Try to keep varieties in things like soup, coffee, starters and everything that is served hot. Keep a view that nothing is served without steams showing in it. When you have an outdoor wedding, guests take soups and coffee more than anything. So keep your focus on what is going to be in demand rather than putting up many ice-cream and mock tails stalls. Harrys Gourmet will look after your food stuff at its best.

Ring ceremony

When the bride and groom are on the stage and completing all the rituals or doing some kind of romantic dance, you can have artificial snowfalls over them. It will just look stunning and will add up to the feels. Also, it will lead way to have some amazing photographs too. It will be something a bride and groom will never forget. Having snowfall in India is not something you come across every winter anyway.  Mira Gulati can be the place to find your ideal wedding ring.

Photo: Mira Gulati

A close place

Do not forget to book a banquet hall or have a small glass room set up in some corner of the garden. It is because if somebody is feeling too cold, he can always go there and escape from the cold. Get proper arrangements for heaters placed in small distances all over the venue to prevent too much coldness. Read How to wear your wedding dress on your wedding night

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Theme colors

It is always a wise choice to go for dark colors in winter, take this for your wedding decoration also. Keep the combinations of colors like berry red, black, royal blue and of course, something glittery as well. Don’t let the shine go down. You can also carry some gold or silver embellished accessory with you or add some of it in your outfits as well. Learn How to make your wedding stress free wedding: 41 tips

Wedding invitation

You can also announce your wedding to all your guests by giving them wedding invitations designed on theme winter. You can also have something like cookies or muffins or some wine as souvenirs along with your invitation cards. How to Invite Your Wedding Guest Impressively will help you more. Get your cards Design By Harpriya Singh.

Photo: Design By Harpriya Singh

Not just this, you can also bid goodbye to your guests by giving them wedding takeaways like a Pashmina shawl or some wrap around, little bottles of baileys and so on. Also read 5 Perfect take aways for your wedding guests

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