How to organise your pre wedding dinner

Weddings are one of the life’s most celebrated events. The moment that you and your soon-to-be-spouse inform your loved ones about your upcoming nuptials, a stream of parties and get-together will begin to take place. Many of those who love you both, and are excited for your big day, will want to begin a pathway of celebrations that will lead up to the big event from engagement parties to the rehearsal dinner, and everything you can think of in between. The planner that will help you in your wedding can be The Wedding Designers. Enjoy all the excitement happening around you during this time. The following guide will help you gear-up for most of those pre-wedding festivities.

Photo: Artcapture Productions by Abhinav.
Photo: Artcapture Productions by Abhinav.


A fun way kick off the wedding weekend is to incorporate a theme into your dinner. You can build the party around your cultural background or play up the wedding’s location (say, a wine-and-cheese-tasting party if there are some vineyards in the area). Chances are, the place was romantic enough to inspire the two of you to let that same spirit infuse your dinner. You can go for Artcapture Productions by Abhinav.

Photo: The Wedding Designer.


The party in a unique location can also give the celebration a different feel. Venues to consider: a bowling alley, a beer garden, or even a local park for a casual barbecue. Restaurants are a popular choice for good reason. The staff can handle every aspect of the evening, from cocktails to menu to music to flowers.

Photo: Artcapture Productions by Abhinav.


Your guests are the people who make your wedding feel like one. Some come from a long journey while some of them come from just some streets away. Be it, anyone, it is important to feel that everyone has taken time out from their lives and have decided to attend your celebration so it is your utmost duty to attend all of your guests with a wide smile and due respect.

Photo: Artcapture Productions by Abhinav.


Before the dinner comes to an end, take a moment to slip in any announcements about the wedding day. Double-check that everyone in the wedding party knows what items they’re supposed to bring and when and where they’re expected to arrive to get ready. If you have a larger audience, remind guests about any activities for them the next day, as well as pickup times and locations for transportation you’ve arranged to get them to and from the ceremony.

Photo: Artcapture Productions by Abhinav.

Danceable music

If you have hired a DJ to make sure you both have the same taste. Play dance games that will make your guests entertaining and your dance floor will also be packed. Play a playlist that will please your crowd too not just you both.

Photo: Artcapture Productions by Abhinav.

Creative zones

Try to be more creative for the reception. You can add your creativity in zones like food table. Instead of long tables, you can arrange few couches. Ask your caterer to make lots of snacks. Give snacks and drinks between every performance. This will keep your guests fueled. Offer a coffee bar complete with different syrups. If you keep low key food is your guests will never want to leave soon.  And of course, the food. No one will like if the food is not good. You can go for Rajshree Catering.

Photo: Rajshree Catering.

The decor

The decoration is very important in every wedding. Getting a pulled-back shot of your reception before guests arrive will let you get a feel for “the scene” you’ve set so carefully. It’s amazing what a little fabric can do. The decor you can choose Vivah Luxury Weddings Keep it formal and elegant with white fabric, or if you’re after a fun vibe, opt for a bright color like yellow.

Photo: Vivah Luxury Weddings.

And as they say, “all’s well if the end’s well” and this is true indeed. Now after having all that fun, bidding goodbye is one tough task but it can become even more memorable to everyone if you do it the right way.  Get some unique and special getaway for your guests. They should feel heavy and light both while leaving. All you can do is to open your mind of creativity and think of something that will make them happy.

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