How to organize last minute wedding

The wedding is one of an essential part of your life. Whatever the reason is last minute wedding is very tough. Some people think last minute wedding is so romantic. You are so eager to be together. But no it’s a very difficult task. here are few points that’ll help you to organize last minute wedding.

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Wedding planner

One of the important roles in a wedding is a wedding planner. You can’t do things on your own. So without any delay book a wedding planner and start your most memorable day. The wedding planner will sort out 50 percent things at least. The wedding planner for this wedding was Purple Grapes Wedding and Events Planner.

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The dress is the major thing in your wedding. Do the research and take a picture of that and show it to your designer, don’t be late. Many designers will not give you the dress on peak day but you can also choose to prefer to get your dress on rent. The outfit is the major in the wedding. You might not get that much of time of designing it but still, you go for purchasing your wedding dress.

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All the popular venues might be booked but still, call them, book the nearest date of your wedding this will help you in finding the best possibility venues. See the hotels which are near to your venue and book that too. While doing the research make sure that you know what type of location you’ll be needed. Travel and find out what would be best for your wedding.


The major thing in the wedding is decoration. If your decoration is not attractive than no one will be interested in attending the wedding. Make it simple. Ask your decorator to make your venue look simple and attractive. Don’t make it too cozy just simple and beautiful.

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Pandit is one of an essential part of a wedding. Without a pandit, you cannot get married. All the mantras and there, that keeps you both for 7 life. So pundit plays an important role in the wedding. Pandits are mainly for the sources which effect the major marriage mantras.

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Guest list

Don’t invite lots and lots of the guest. Invite few who are important. Instead of designing a card you can mail and courier the cards, this will look more convincing. Facebook group or WhatsApp group is also a great part to know how many guests will be attending the wedding. In general cases, only a few guests show interest.

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Ask your friends who know a photographer this will help you in last minute of the wedding. If possible book a private photographer who clicks candid pictures of yours. If there would be no photographer than no memories will be saved on your wedding day. The beautiful clicks were clicked by Sunny Pariani and he says” consider fun shot’s of important family members having a great time at the wedding.”

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Hairdo and makeup

On your wedding day if go with your messy hair and no makeup it will look very odd. Makeup and hairstyle will be styled according to your dress. If you have done any research then shoe the style to your stylist this will help her in styling your hair easily. We highly recommend scheduling a trial run. This is your hair and makeup we’re talking about, after all. The good news is if you end up booking a hairstylist or makeup artist, the money you pay for the trial usually applies to the day rate.

Do things yourself

If the decoration or the stylist didn’t come then you should get prepared for the wedding decoration and hairdo. Go for paperwork this will make your work easy. And of course, you’ll need your friends to help you out so call them too. Things that left are makeup and hairdo. Search for best makeup and hairstyles tutorial which can make your work easy and satisfactory.

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The band

You might not have that much of time to listen to the demo file which the band has. But if his band is very famous then you should go for them only. Hand over them the list of your favorite tracks and ask them to play with a remix and soft too.

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Wedding ring

The wedding ring is the essential part of any wedding. If you can’t get the ring which you like to order them anyway and see for another ring too. This might work and you’ll be happy that you finally got your wedding ring for your important day.

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Finalize the plan

Finalize your plan with your wedding planner and discuss things with them. Make sure you have perfect theme and coordination for your wedding day. Make a list of songs which are supposed to play at this time. Planning is essential for any wedding. Confirm the delivery and location.

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Create a day of schedule and contact list for parents, bridal party. The wedding is one of the most important parts of your life. Some prefer for destination and some for court marriage. But I must say destination is one of the most romantic weddings. It gives you the time to know each other and each others family more.


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