How to organize the most incredible wedding this year as a bride

You’ve got the ideas and you want to plan your unique dream wedding but you don’t know how to stay on top of planning. These top ideas will surely help you plan your wedding.

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Indian weddings have almost always been about grand celebrations, involving everyone the couple and their families know. Most of the time, there are a few guests present whom the couple has never seen, which makes for a very impersonal and ‘formal’ event. “As far as modern wedding ideas go, this is a shift back to the traditional version of wedding celebrations, keeping things intimate instead of lavish” Aayushi Sachdeva Of The Wedding Salad. So if you are a bride and want to take charge of things happening at your wedding then these ideas might help.

savePhoto: The Wedding Salad.
Photo: The Wedding Salad.

Wedding Venue

It’s amazing how a great wedding venue can set the whole tone for the event, and unique venues always help with planning the wedding. You could host your private wedding at the beach, in a beautiful garden, a luxury hotel or resort. A place that has personal significance to you is a great idea. You need a venue that gives you all the amenities and accomodations. So you can go for Ambience Golf Drive for all the requirements for yours.

savePhoto: The Wedding Salad.
Photo: The Wedding Salad.
savePhoto: Ambience Golf Drive.
Photo: Ambience Golf Drive.


More people are now opting for something that has a modern theme rather than the traditional Indian themes. Of course, the most important traditional elements are still incorporated to make the Indian wedding perfect. Decor give a eye pleasing view to your venue and Floral Solutions can make that amazing view possible for you.

savePhoto: The Wedding Salad.
Photo: The Wedding Salad.


You have to keep a lot of options in drinks in summer, it’s important to have nimboo pani, coconut water, khus and some flavoured lassi. Make sure that all the ingredients used for salad bars, fruit stalls and chaat counters are fresh. Food is the key to your guests happiness and there can’t be any compromises with that. FnB India can make that great catering possible for your wedding.

savePhoto: The Wedding Salad.
Photo: The Wedding Salad.
savePhoto: FnB India.
Photo: FnB India.


Special attention is paid to Indian wedding cards, not just because they contain the information of the wedding but also because they carry an impression of the wedding. Always remember, no matter how close your guest is to you, they would always justify your wedding card. The first thing your guests are gonna see is your invitation card and it should be attractive. Design Tuk Tuk can make that invitation task easy for you.

savePhoto: The Wedding Salad.
Photo: The Wedding Salad.
savePhoto: Design Tuk Tuk.
Photo: Design Tuk Tuk.

Wedding Dress

Women want to wear something that is comfortable and graceful all at the same time. You also have to think about the hot climate. Wear weather-friendly dress with light fabrics and soft colors. As for the design of your outfit, cling to making it simple and elegant with some gold work for a magnificent look. Wedding dress should make you look stand out from the rest and Gaurav Gupta can do that for you.

savePhoto: The Wedding Salad.
Photo: The Wedding Salad.
savePhoto: Gaurav Gupta.
Photo: Gaurav Gupta.


Make sure that your make-up is natural, focus on your lips and eyes with shades of eye shadow and lipstick. And here comes the top tip, keep wet wipes and a translucent powder with you at all times, it will be a lot easier to touch up your make-up. Makeup will make you look a class apart from others and Priyanka Arora can make you look super gorgeous.

savePhoto: The Wedding Salad.
Photo: The Wedding Salad.
savePhoto: Priyanka Arora.
Photo: Priyanka Arora.

Involve your Guests

Since you are inviting only the people closest to you, you can ask them for suggestions, advice and assistance. If they can help you plan the wedding, take over a few of the details or just collect menu ideas from everyone who will be attending. Don’t feel awkward about asking loved ones for help. It can also be a lot of fun for everyone to get together and plan the celebration. How to plan an amazing beach wedding this year.

savePhoto: The Wedding Salad.
Photo: The Wedding Salad.

These tips would surely have made planning for your wedding much easier. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan for your wedding today. Enjoy the weddingIncredible things that happen after meeting the one!

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