How to organize your wedding without discussing with your partner

Your wedding is a big milestone on your road to love. Make it a moment to remember throughout your lifetime with your partner.

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Your wedding day brings along a lot of new things in your life. New relationship, new memories, new lifestyle and so on. This is one of the reasons why you want your wedding day to be a big day and also a perfect one. Since it comes with many other things, it can be even bigger if your partner and you plan a surprise for each other. Imagine getting an unexpected thing from your partner in the moment you are about to get married, amazing and exciting, isn’t it? Now imagine the same situation, just keep yourself in your partner’s shoes, you are now the one who is planning all the surprise for your partner. Even more exciting, isn’t it? Love is all about giving and receiving and this eventually make your bond grow stronger and stronger.

savePhoto: Somya Jain
Photo: Somya Jain

We have Somya Jain, an expert event planner with her advices on how you can plan various surprise for your partner amidst of all the wedding chaos. So take the first step of your love life by surprising your partner on your wedding day. Have a look at how you can organize your wedding without discussing it with your partner.

Wonderful entry

On the wedding night, the most breath-taking moment for the couple is when their other half walks towards them or walk down the aisle with them. It is like beautiful scenery which the person would want to replay again and again. Make this moment the most wonderful one by giving unexpected entry to your partner. Groom can plan a flower shower or a snow sprinkle for his bride. He can decorate the aisle with her partner’s favorite flowers. The bride can play his man’s favorite band’s music or can decorate the aisle with the childhood to adulthood photographic memories of her partner.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty days
Photo: Weddings by Knotty days


We always see in many shows or events, people are requested to dedicate some song or dance or anything to their partners. Well, this is way of expressing their love towards their partner and a way to let them know that they are aware about their choices and taste in things. You can do the same for your partner. Prepare a dance sequence or our partner’s favorite song or some shayari or your self-composition, anything that you know your partner would love and highly appreciate. This will be really sweet. Don’t forget to blast this surprise ball at the right time. Do it when all the guests are there or when your partner is feeling gloomy. Just find your right moment and hit your partner with love and dedication.

Photo: Weddings by Knotty days

Ball party

As we all are aware of, Indian weddings are a big celebration in which the events are planned for many days. Take some time out from those schedule and organize a ball party, due to the wedding, your partner and you, both must be going through a lot of stress and might not be able to spend a good time together due to being tangled with the relatives and other preparations. A surprise event like this will give your partner a rush of happiness and a much needed break. Don’t make it a big event, just keep it small with a couple of friends and cousins, no elders allowed. Dance with your partner all night long and have a good break from the busy wedding schedule. Gift your partner a dress; tell her or him to come in that dress. You can also plan one more surprise here, as your partner arrive, get a welcome song or dance prepared.

Photo: Weddings by Knotty days

Favorite food

This will make your partner as happy as ever. After a long, tiring day, when the food will be served and your partner will see one of his favorite dishes kept for him, he will be really delighted. You can also make the dessert yourself, if you get the time to or you can just order for the best desserts in his lists. It will be small and sweet surprise for him or her, both.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty days
Photo: Weddings by Knotty days

 These small things you do for your partner will nourish your love towards each other. Be presentable and more impressive on your wedding by knowing How to choose shoes for your wedding

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