How to pick jewelry to match your wedding dress

So your big day is almost here. Your dream dress is ordered, and you’ve picked out your veil and shoes to match. Now, you have the fun task of picking your wedding jewelry and accessories! Just like the dress, there are so many options when it comes to wedding day jewelry that it can sometimes be overwhelming. In order to make this a stress-free, fun task, we’ve created a list of ten essential things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding dress jewelry.

Photo: Robin Saini Photography.
Photo: Robin Saini Photography.

The neckline

The neckline of your wedding dress is one of the most important things to take into consideration when picking out your wedding day jewelry. The jewelry you choose, whether it be a necklace, earrings or bracelets, should complement the neckline of your dress. Necklaces should rarely overlap or touch your dress, so think about the length of the necklace you’ll need for your particular neckline style. Also, if there are any intricate details on your dress, especially around the bust area or neckline, your jewelry should aim to enhance rather than distract from the adornments. You can go for Suhana Jewels who’ll help you with jewelry.

Photo: Suhana Jewels.

Match with lehnga 

Of course, you’re thinking that your wedding dress is white just like every other wedding dress out there. While yes, that may technically be true, there are actually dozens, if not hundreds, of different shades of white when it comes to wedding dresses! Ask your photographer to click a picture of yours with jewelry. You can go with Robin Saini PhotographySome of those shade variations may end up clashing with the metal colors you choose for your wedding jewelry.

Photo: Suhana art and jewels.

The gem

The jewelry you choose for your wedding day could also be used as your “something blue” good luck charm depending on that colors you choose. Blue sapphires are gorgeous options for wedding jewelry, and they look great in necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets. The dark sapphire blue complements almost any shade of white and will be an elegant addition to your accessories. Other blue gemstones to consider include blue topaz, aquamarine, and turquoise.

Photo: Suhana Jewels.

Less is more

On your wedding day, it can be easy to go a little overboard with jewelry and accessories. There are so many gorgeous pieces to wear that it’s no surprise you want to drape yourself in all of them! However, sometimes less is more when it comes to jewelry. Try picking one or two essential pieces so you don’t end up looking overdone. Remember, this is about you, and you want everyone looking at you not getting distracted by your accessories. Sonali Agarwal says “The most important thing about picking up the perfect jewel pieces according to your wedding gown is that they should be a reflection of yours. You must feel confident in whatever you choose for your wedding dress. If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline then to direct all eyes to your lovely smile, Do consider wearing a choker or shorter neckpiece.”

Photo: Sonali Agarwal.
Photo: Suhana art and jewels.

Try early

Choosing the perfect wedding jewelry to complement your dress can be difficult if you haven’t seen the jewelry in person. Certain styles and colors may look good on the models online, but you really have no idea how it will actually look on you until you see it for yourself. We get it. Everyone has different skin tones, body shapes and even different styles that fit them. When it comes to purchasing your wedding jewelry, try it on in person before jumping head first into making the commitment. You can go for Shantanu & Nikhil designers.

Photo: Shantanu & Nikhil.

Be authentic

The most important thing about picking the perfect pieces for your wedding lehnga is they should be a reflection of you. If you’re not comfortable wearing big, chandelier earrings, stick to studs. Love the way you look in a lariat necklace? Go for it! If you’re happy in all your accessories, you’ll feel confident and that’s the best accessory of all.

Photo: Suhana art and jewels.

Old is gold

While choosing the jewelry ask your mom if she had something old(her marriage or grandmas’ marriage) because sometimes old is gold. You’ll look more beautiful in that. It’ll give you the major look that you want for your wedding day. Some antique look will give you completeness.

Photo: Robin Saini Photography.

When it comes to style, we’re all for breaking the so-called rules. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still tried-and-true tips to help you look your best, including for your wedding day jewelry. So if you need a little guidance when it comes to accessorizing your lehnga.

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