How to plan perfect fireworks and lightings for your wedding

Wedding fireworks is a perfect idea to wind up your event on a beautiful and spectacular note.

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Your wedding planning is probably the biggest planning you ever do in your life. You have to look after so many things like guests, food, decoration, Invitations, your outfits, your make-up and what not. But wait; are you not forgetting something important on this note? It’s the fireworks, the perfect ending to your perfect day. They make your wedding events more mesmerizing and double the celebration by their mere presence. Fireworks are also something which requires time and planning and an amazing fireworks show will always demand a perfect timing. From getting your fireworks till getting them blown is a big deal to handle and you definitely need to take some points into consideration for making the end of all your wedding events ‘perfect’. Also, read How to make your dream wedding a reality

savePhoto: Darsan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography



Your venue can turn out to be your biggest obstacle for your fireworks. You may have a closed setting where it is obviously not possible to have fireworks done. So just have a look at the venue. You can choose from the best venue suitable for theme from these Wedding Venues in India


Even if your venue is in an open space, just have a look around that place and make a check whether it is safe or not to have fireworks done over there. There might be some electrical wire lines, hospitals or something else nearby which may cause some damage further. Also, talk to the firework supplier about the safety on the prior notice only. You may want to read How to have an enchanted forest inspired wedding

savePhoto: Darsan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography


Your wedding theme is something which is kept uniform throughout. Without uniformity, there is no point of getting a theme done. When are you putting themes on everything then why not the fireworks? Talk to the company about this and they will provide you with the customized fireworks which will go according to your theme and colors will be kept in mind accordingly. It will look so beautiful and you will be highly praised for doing such precise planning. Xquisite Events will make your wedding theme look stunning and are one of the most amazing wedding planners in India.

savePhoto: Xquisite Events
Photo: Xquisite Events


As you know this the best, an Indian wedding is no less than a carnival of events. One followed by the other one. The main essence of fireworks is its timing. You should talk to the managers about the timing at which they are supposed to be displayed. For example, at your engagement ceremony, they would look just perfect if they are displayed right at the moment when you both exchange the rings with each other, it will make the moment more memorable one will add its own beauty to it. Make such arrangements with the manager and ask them to do it at the right time which is being decided by you. Save some time for the other sources of entertainment which can be planned for you by Red Eye Entertainers.

savePhotoL Red Eye Entertainers
PhotoL Red Eye Entertainers


It’s your wedding and you would want to get the best things possible to make your big day a perfect one. Get your fireworks done keeping in mind all the safety issues. Place the fireworks in a safe place which is out of everyone’s reach and not in the range of any toxic substance. Avoid them to be placed near your wedding venue when are getting ready to be blown. They should be kept at a fair distance and make sure that you get a sample checked before buying the whole lot of it. Avoid blowing them in the middle of heavy traffic on road during ‘baraat’. Also, read How to choose a western dress for your pre-wedding photo shoot

savePhoto: Darsan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

Consider professionals

We know that you would want to do everything on your wedding on your own but a pro is a pro. They know all the Ws of their work and would do it more efficiently and you would rather prefer to sit back and enjoy the show and let them do their own work. You can coordinate with them about the themes, timings, etc. You are maybe less or not at all experienced but they are doing it since a long a long time and they would take care of all the do’s and don’ts of it. And after all, a professional work will definitely look pretty much amusing in your wedding.

savePhoto: Xquisite Events.
Photo: Xquisite Events.

Planning your fireworks can be a daunting task but doing it with your partner will make it your golden time. Signs Which Proves you Have an Amazing Married Life can be something you would want to read next.

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