How-To Royal Style: Get Inspired By The Wedding Invitation Of The Year!

Once again, we have an official statement from Kensington Palace announcing a new piece of news for the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They have revealed a sample of the wedding invitations and how they’ll be written for the lucky invitees!

Cordon Press
Photo: Cordon Press

The printers at Barnard & Westwood are responsible for creating the invitations. The British printing and binding company has been the Royal’s Family’s favourite since 1985, after they were appointed by Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales, so it comes as no surprise that they have been chosen again.

As the photos released on Twitter, the appearance of the invitations are in keeping with the elegant style and the subtlety of the ornamentation that accompanies the stationery of The House of Windsor. The white cards are framed by beautiful golden borders that frame the invitation perfectly and, of course, with an overt sense of regality.

On the invitations, soft strokes of ink that spell out the most sought after wedding invitation of this decade, with words from his Royal Highness himself. But what do they say?

  • The date of the wedding, which, as we know, has been set for May 19th 2018.
  • The location, St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle
  • The dress code for the wedding: women must wear a dress and hat, and men in a military or everyday suit, depending on their position
  • And finally, an invitation to participate in the reception organised by The House of Windsor.

The invitations will be sent to 600 people on behalf of the Prince of Wales, although 200 more guests are expected for a later reception at Frogmore House. The former will enjoy the concept of classic invitation par excellence, although, not to worry, not all invitations have to be so grand! Check here for some wedding invitation inspiration.

Watch this space for our article on the top 5 wedding card designers in India!

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