How to select the Diwali present for your Mother-In-Law

Get the best gifts for your Mother-In-Law this Diwali, and make her fall in love with you even more!

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Festive season is here, and everybody loves gifts, no matter who it is. It may be a kid, an adolescent, a working individual, or a grown up! Surprises never fail to make any one happy and bring a smile on their face! Having a nice and mature bond with your Mother-In-Law is really essential. Diwali gifts are something that every body is excited about! You get new clothes, accessories, and whatever you have been wanting for a long time now. Hitesh Shivnani from Hitesh Shivnani Photography suggests the following gifts that you can plan of giving to your Mother-In-law.

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.


Gifting your Mother-In-law with jewellery is something that is very emotional. It is something that a woman can never get enough of. The more you have, the less you think you have. Giving her an amazing piece of jewellery will get a big smile on her face, without any doubt. It is often said that diamonds are women’s best friends. You can think about getting her something that has a diamond in it. If you do not have that much budget, you can also go for gold or silver. Anything given by you would be treasured, no matter what it is. You can gift her a ring, a pendant, a single chain, and there are many more options to choose from! You can have a lot at Kushals Fashion Jewellery for some amazing work and have an idea about what would go best with her Diwali outfit.

savePhoto: Kushals Fashion Jewellery.
Photo: Kushals Fashion Jewellery.

Beauty products

You would be knowing that just like jewellery, women are fond of beauty products as well. You can get her a branded lipstick, a gift voucher of a cosmetic company that she loves (this would definitely make her love you even more!), a makeup kit, and the list can go on and on. The more you think, the more options you get in mind. But you do not have to worry about it. Just so you do not know as to what exactly to get her, then you can just ask her questions relating to the doubts you have in the middle of a conversation, and she will not have a doubt about it at all.


If you do not know at all as to what to give your Mother-In-Law as a Diwali present, then there is nothing as best as apparels. Even if a woman’s wardrobe is flooded with clothes, they always feel that they need to o shopping and buy more clothes! Why don’t you add on clothes to her collection, and think about you whenever she takes it out of her wardrobe. When it comes to Indian Mother-In-Laws, they never take a step back in praising their Daughter-In-Law, and once you gift her something that she goes gag over, then there is definitely nothing like it!

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

Handmade gifts

Don’t you feel special when someone takes out time from their busy schedule, just to see the smile on your face? The women go really emotional about such things, and remember it throughout their life. You can use this technique in impressing your Mother-In-Law even more, and bring the tears of joy in her eyes. You can make hand-made gifts for her, maybe about how much she means to you, and the special bond that you both share. You can make something like a journal and paste the pictures of the two of you, so that you bring back the memories of the time when the photo was taken! It is sure that the gift is going to go nowhere, and she is definitely going to keep it really safe. You can refer to Paper Theater, so that you have an idea about the materials you can use while making the hand-made gift!

savePhoto: Paper Theater.
Photo: Paper Theater.
savePhoto: Paper Theater.
Photo: Paper Theater.

There are many special people, but among all, there is definitely someone whom we are always thankful for giving the life partner. There are a few ways in which you can make your Mother-In-Law feel special, so that she loves you forever, and accepts you as her own daughter. It is not only the actions that speak louder than words, but the words have the power as well. Here are a few things that you can say to your Mother-In-Law, so that your bond remains forever evergreen!

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