How to use beautiful candles to lit up your wedding decor

A spectacular ambience with an off-beat theme has become a staple at Indian weddings today. After all, a unique and lavish setting is something that every soon-to-be-married couple desires for.

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A spectacular ambience with an off-beat theme has become a staple at Indian weddings today. After all, a unique and lavish setting is something that every soon-to-be-married couple desires for. Mrinal Khatnani will add beautiful memories for you. That is why a lot of couples are opting for the bright yet graceful trend of adding the captivating candles to their wedding. Not only do the candles unleash a festive spirit at any occasion, they are also awe-inspiring. So, if you want to make your wedding day memorable with the help of some brilliant and unique ideas, then adding candles to it is what we suggest. And, here is how you can do so.

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Ditch the harsh lights and glaring bulbs, and create a soothing and pleasing atmosphere with beautiful candles. Zillions of candles being lit up at the venue will make your wedding look no less than an ‘Arabian Night‘ party. The flames swaying with the breeze will not only create a lovely ambience but will turn your wedding into an absolutely dreamlike affair. You can choose anything from a large variety of designer candles available in the market. To add a flavour of Indian weddings, you can have candles with mehendi designs on them.

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To decorate your wedding cake

Having candles on the cake is no doubt a time-old tradition. But, you can be a bit different when you add them to your wedding cake. Instead of placing a few candles on your cake, surround it with a lot of them to create a magnificent vision. Fab Cakes will make beautiful cakes. In addition, you can also use colourful alphabetic candles to pop up a glowing message saying ‘I do’. You can also use delightful heart-shaped red candles or go luxe with silver or gold tapers for a wow effect.

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For the royal welcome of the groom

If you are from the bride’s side, then this one is for you. Receiving dulhe raja and the baraat by the bride’s family at the entrance of the wedding venue is a special custom in Indian weddings. While this ritual is full of fun, you can make it even more interesting by adding candles. The low and soothing light of the candles will surely instil sweet feelings and comforting splendour in this beautiful custom. In fact, why just place them at specific places? Standing with lit candles to offer them a special welcome will to ensure the smile on their faces. You can even impress the guests by presenting them wedding favours in form of beautifully wrapped candles.

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Centrepieces on tables

Add an exquisite and vintage touch to your dining arrangement by using candles there as well. Beautiful candle centrepieces placed on the tables will work beautifully to create lovely lighting, plush locale and a brilliant setting. You can choose traditional etched glasses to act as tea light holders. You can go for Vivaha Wedding Solutions to make your wedding grander. Hundreds of little blazing lights will definitely set the mood right for a vibrant Indian wedding celebration.

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The stage

Wedding stage is a focal point of every wedding celebration. After all, a couple spends most of their time on the wedding day at this place. So, an array of attractive candles can come together to create a magical aura. While a lot can be done with the backdrop, there can be an elaborate arrangement of the candles around the bride and the groom as well. Not just the stage, you can add candles to your mandap’s decor as well. Shaddi Station will give ou the best decor. The warm and fuzzy glow from the jewelled taper holders or embellished jars fixed in the corners will make a flamboyant display. Decorative containers and water bowls with colourful floating candles can be yet another style piece to flaunt.

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Well, we are sure the gorgeous candles in your wedding décor will leave an everlasting impression on all your guests. But at the same time, immense care has to be taken to bring along that peace and serenity to your once-in-a-lifetime event. Just be extra-cautious about the inflammable around the candle. See that the places where the candles are lined up do not fall in the pathway of people, especially kids. Finally, with these ideas and safety tips, there is nothing that can stop you from having a surreal wedding celebration.

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