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It is kind of obvious that if you have been in the process of organizing your Wedding, then by now, you would have seen a thousand and one ways to decorate it. Lighting right next to the flowers, is one of the most colorful elements that you can use, besides being one of the things that the guests will remember the most! Just because no one gets tired of seeing beautiful and original ways to light up the outdoor Weddings, Dimplle S Bathija tells you about the few ways through which you can make it even more beautiful.

savePhoto: Vivek Chawla Studio.
Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio.


Decorating your Wedding with garlands can be as beautiful as sitting in a beautiful forest, covered with amazing blooming flowers. Flower decorations can never lose their charm and impact in any Wedding, as it gives you the atmosphere that is really positive. When you see colors all around, you would no doubt feel really charmed, and enjoy each and every moment. Garlands create a magical and colorful atmosphere, as soon as you are underneath it. If you are confused about the florist that you would want to choose for your Wedding day, you can go for New Variety Decorators, to have a beautiful decoration of flowers done!

savePhoto: New Variety Decorators.
Photo: New Variety Decorators.

In cascade

There are special corners that deserve special decorations. Decorating the tree trunks, branches, and natural surroundings with cascade of small light bulbs, will be a plus point. It would be so nice, that the guests will take it as an impromptu photo-call. You can also have an amazing photo-shoot in such a surrounding, so that you get a result of amazing pictures, and that you can cherish these memories later in your life! Find out the ways to make the most out of your Wedding, so that you can have a perfect one!


If you are working so hard to make your Wedding really memorable, then you must also want it to be really classy, glamorous, and sophisticated. You can have amazing golden candle-sticks for long running tables, that would not bother the diners. This would give a picture of deluxe decoration, that would look just perfect for the Wedding. An amazing chandelier, right on top of the center of the Wedding, would look just amazing as ever. This would give an elegant look to the Wedding, and would impress the guests at one go! It is not just the lights that would light up your Wedding, but it is you as well. Once you come in to the picture, every body would want to look at you, and not the decorations. For this, you have to make sure that you are dressed up perfectly, and you can go for the outfit from Sabyasachi Mukherjee, so that you look as elegant as ever.

savePhoto: Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
Photo: Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Light curtain

Such kind of a decoration is pretty unique and is not really used by many people at their Weddings, as people are not really aware of it. A light curtain is basically a strand of a curtain, that can be of your choice and the decorations of the Wedding, with lights all over it. Small lights covering an entire curtain looks so pretty, that you just can not resist taking a photo of it. Forget to take a photo of it, you would not resist taking a photo with it, as it would make an extremely beautiful background for clicking photos. For having an amazing photo-shoot, you obviously need amazing photographers. For this, you can contact Vivek Chawla Studio and have the best result that you can cherish forever.

savePhoto: Vivek Chawla Studio.
Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio.

Magic letters

In Indian Weddings, there are normally names of the Bridal couple, written at the entrance of the venue. There are many ways to do the same very beautifully, and impress the guests at the starting of the venue itself. You can make the letters of your names so beautiful with the flowers and lights, that you just would not resist looking at them again and again, and feel happy that you are getting married in the most beautiful way! With the flowers and lights, you can also use amazing fonts to make it even more appealing and beautiful. Needing a Wedding planner for such things, make sure you know the most important things while hiring one!

Lighting that guides

It is a great way to indicate the steps and the different areas in your Wedding, by lighting the tree trunks, or the edges of the paths with mini bulbs and candles. This would make the guests feel really special at the entry itself, and they would enjoy the Wedding through out. Guests just need a small doze of happiness to be fun-filled the entire time, and that would add on to your happiness of your big day as well. This would also add on to their experience of an amazing marriage as well. Doing every thing bu yourself is definitely not easy at all. In this case, all you need to do is, hire a Wedding Planner. To get one of the best experiences, you can hire Globus Events, and have a great time!

savePhoto: Globus Events.
Photo: Globus Events.

Without any doubt, some of these ideas are perfect with the type of Wedding, that is, the decoration and style that you want to give to your special big day! These decorations can not just make your day special, but can also make it special for the guests who would be attending your Wedding. This  would make them remember your Wedding throughout, and it would be a really memorable experience for them! Being excited for your Wedding day is absolutely normal, as you might have been waiting for it since a long time. But there are some important conversations you need to ave with your Husband-to-be, so that you live a happy life ahead.

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