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The introverted boy is considered in the society like a loser, a species of pelele with needs of attention that, in addition, is usually a boring of championship. Nothing is further from reality. Men with this characteristic have an exciting and complicated inner world, and for that reason spend time locked in it. If you have always fled these strange subjects, try to give them a chance, blur their eccentric appearance and dive with them in their deep and special ocean. You will end up understanding that among its members are the best matches. Read these 7 Things Your Man Wants from You But Will Never Tell You

savePhoto: Wish Bone India
Photo: Wish Bone India

Is special

Introverted characters tend to be different and therefore quite unique within the human species. He will never be the captain of the football team, the flirt of the disco or that lad who just pat on the back and “throw chips” right and left. Neither will he plead for the perpetual lapse nor will he seek to be cool at all costs. The phrases and the topic also do not fit their way of being. He, however, knows how to listen, is funny to his form, releases witty comments, demonstrates his intelligence unintentionally and, above all, keeps mystery when others strive to highlight, leaving all their personality to light, no surprises. Woody Allen and his cinematic alter ego, for example. Get a special cake for that special person from Not just Desserts by Sabina.

savePhoto: Not just Desserts by Sabina
Photo: Not just Desserts by Sabina

Teachers of intimacy

Among a multitude, the introvert does not develop properly. He is uncomfortable and therefore may not be the ideal party partner when the number rises to 20 participants. People in mass overwhelm you, more when there are quite heavy and undesirable ones. Sometimes, he is away, thinking about his things and identifying the evils of the world. However, in “tú a tu”, this guy develops very powerful connections with the people who are worth it and that’s where he knows how to move like a fish in the water. Your illusion, emotion and passion are unique, as long as you have dared to discover more about it. He also “gives the chest” with reduced groups where he feels confident. Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, protagonists of The Big Bang Theory, are some of the popular references, because they create solid and special relationships with their most similar beings, despite their sexual gaps. Get ready to go on your first date, make-up done by Ambika Pillai Makeup Artist

savePhoto: Ambika Pillai Makeup Artist
Photo: Ambika Pillai Makeup Artist

Tireless analysts

If an introvert man chooses you as a couple, you may consider you special. He does not choose any person and, in order to find his ideal companion, he analyzes the staff as an X-ray scanner. He always observes, always listens and almost always understands, even if he does not agree with you. It is demanding: it takes into account tastes, attitudes and aspirations. He knows how to see the good and the bad of others, strengthens virtues and seeks out solutions to problems, although sometimes he can not find what he seeks. In this way, the introvert builds authentic relationships, in which he surrenders himself to the maximum for his survival. Reminds you of someone? Sherlock Holmes could approach this profile. Since you the best analysist, you must go shopping with him at Elan The Fashion Store and he will take out the best one for you.

savePhoto: Elan The Fashion Store
Photo: Elan The Fashion Store

They value the little things

The small details are the ones that move the world of the senses. Introverts value a gesture, a caress, a sentimental gift, a reminder, a phrase, a smile, a smell. Above the basic men, with personalities designed with squad and charcoal, the subjects to study possess a sinuous nature full of curves, short cuts and passages. She is happy to remember your first encounter, rather than a spectacular event; Prefers the manual detail that you did on your first birthday to last year’s 200 euro clock. He will correspond you with small things (morning notes, unexpected surprises, an artistic piece and so on), incredibly powerful to strengthen the relationship. Hugh Grant often plays the role in his romantic comedies. Also read 15 Signs of a true friendship

It shows interesting and modest

Although he sometimes seems pedantic or pretentious, his way of being compels him to behave in a certain way, but does not seek permanent recognition. He does not need it. He knows what he is and everything he does speaks for himself. Likewise, almost everything that has to do with him is interesting, either because of the mystery that surrounds him, his hobbies or his conversation, almost never banal. To talk about anything to fill uncomfortable holes is not his forte, preferring silence to the insubstantial talk. However, sometimes it tends to be normal and falls prey to those social cliches. A great example would be Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook, although represented in the movie The social network. And after knowing your sweet introvert partner so well, you must go out him and have a great time with him. Plan your trip with Wish Bone India

Photo: Wish Bone India

Now you know the secrets of introverted boys. Under its dark appearance, there are endless virtues that will delight a special relationship. Read next How to choose a wedding planner

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