It´s The Thought That Counts! - Gifts To Avoid Getting For The Newly-Weds

  • Weddings are incredibly exciting events: the many days of dressing up, having fun, eating food and dancing the nights away, yet despite all this we always have that one imposing question at the back of our minds – what do i gift the bride and groom? and of those who have a gift in mind, how many other people are going to give the exact same gift? Giving the bridal couple a gift is a must do, a tradition and very treasured part of wedding celebrations. We understand it’s a difficult decision, there are hundreds of potential gifts to choose from, so, to help you out below are some suggestions of gifts not to get the newly wed couple, by Jar Designs. photography below is by Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
  • Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
    Gifts: Jar Designs.

    No to Flowers 

    Flowers despite smelling pleasant and looking beautiful in their bright shades, are in fact not a  good gift idea – for wedding couples in particular. Whilst considered a simple and loveable gift by many, the bridal couple will not find and use or consider them ideal. purely because by the time the newly weds get a chance to see them they will be passed their sell by date and therefore spoiled. Now this is just an unfortunate issue, As gifts are often given throughout the wedding and not on a particular day, they get pushed to a side whilst the pending celebrations throughout the wedding take priority. Also whilst the gesture of giving flowers is nice the use of them are not so ideal, especially for two lovebirds that have just spent a fortune on getting married. Instead, you can give the Bridal couple something that would be really useful to them, consider things that they can use in the future in the long run. Gift them something that would remind them of you whenever they look at it, something with sentimental value, so that they know how special they are to you! Check out our Gift idea list for suggestions on how what to gift the bridal couple.

    Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

    Something fragile

    Giving some thing fragile to the Bridal couple is again not a good idea at all. Just like the flowers, by the time the Bridal couple would be totally free from the rituals, the gift may be totally druint, and potentially broken into a million pieces. To avoid this, we recommend you avoid giving fragile items. If the Bridal couple receive something broken and it would be really devastating for them, they would be really heartbroken, and you would feel bad too. So, to ensure that this does not happen and the Bridal couple receive their gift in one piece, perhaps give them something that is not easily breakable. You could even contribute money towards their honeymoon or future house, that would surely make their day! Alternatively, you can even gift jewellery, although this would be for ladies only, check out Neelam Kothari, for amazing jewellery pieces to chose from.

    Jewelry: Neelam Kothari.
    Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

    Re-gifted items

    Gifting a Bridal couple a re-gifted item is definitely one of the worst ideas any one could possibly ever think of. Purely because it shows a lack of interest or thought going into the gifting process. ultimately, reverse the situationn and think about your wedding, how would you feel about receiving a second hand gift to celebrate your big day? not so great surely! As the Bridal couple would be starting their new life, with new beginnings, they deserve some thing new, so that they can start it in a special way. As mentioned above, you can gift them something that would be useful for them. Gifting something unnecessary just to get rid of it is not a good idea at all. Buy some thing new and fresh for the Bridal couple, so that they can start their married life on a happy note, and also a fresh note. Fresh gift for a fresh starting is always appreciated! Re-gifted items also do not give out positive vibes, instead give out negative vibes, that are not good for the newly weds.

    Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

    Lucky charms

    Whilst the intention behind gifting a lucky charm is clearly good, Gifting luck charms to a Bridal couple is not really considered as a good sign in the Indian culture. We´d advise that you avoid giving such gifts as much as possible, as it would not be used by the couple at all, purely as a result of cultural beliefs. This would ultimately result in your hard work and time going to waste, and we wouldn’t want that of course. In addition to this, giving idols of Gods is also not a good sign as well – again due to cultural superstitions. So, avoid these things as much as you can. Instead, you can gift them a hamper from JAR Designs, that would be really appreciated by them!

    Gifts: Jar Designs.


    Giving clothes as a Wedding gift is not an ideal gift either. You might not know about what kind of clothes the Bridal couple wear, and what their taste is – so to avoid disappointment or even clothes going to waste, opt for swomething you can gurantee they may like or surely use! Every one’s choices are different regarding everything in life, and it may certainly be the case here as well. On a more positive note – Just in case you are unsure of  to wear on the Wedding day,  check out Roopkala Sarees ’s collection for some inspiration. You will look great in them!

    Outfit: Roopkala Sarees.
    Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

    If you bear these few tips in mind you will surely give a great wedding gift! Make sure you give them the ideal gift, and wish them nothing but happiness!

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