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Today, technology is everywhere and one thing which every one is seeking for is a good health and perfect looks. The title song of the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love is All Around Me, she spoke of love and its ability to seep into all areas of life. Unfortunately, there are things that change. Currently, the smartphone has become the most important allies of every individual of the XXI century. In this sense, touch screens, satellites and cables are the main drivers of society. However, this sad event has its pluses: mobiles can get us out of difficult situations and solve some aspects of life.

The physical picture is not all that matters, far from it !, but it is an aspect to be considered on numerous occasions. So, we offer several virtual guides to feel better about yourself: beautiful, fit and safe. To do this, we have selected 15 applications mobile, divided into fields of beauty, fashion and exercise. Aim!


YouCam – Makeup

The killer application to eliminate doubts on makeup. Just throw you a photo and use it as a canvas to open your own virtual beauty salon. Lips, eyes, eyebrows, face tone and even hair color can be modified via online before trying his luck with the actual products. It will save time and facial discomfort.

Hairstyle Makeover

Intended only for hairdressing, this application lets you test cuts and hairstyles without going through the center of aesthetic prematurely. An app very intuitive and great to avoid disappointment not unnecessarily lower the self-esteem and trying to innovate with the latest looks, even with people you admire most showbiz.


The “boom” of social networks has reached strongly the world of beauty and fashion, to the point of finding professionals who live in them, or who have achieved notoriety through them. So Beautylish offers the possibility to share tips, styles and facial looks with your friends around the world. You will receive countless tips and ratings by their subscribers.


While there are applications designed to decorate the skin, there are others, such as Spruce, which seeks to protect it with a steely care. This app is responsible for preserving the health of skin with online dermatological consultations in which, after a diagnosis, professionals will offer a detailed guide with proper care. Each consultation costs 40 euros, but worth it.

Stash Beauty

A great way to organize the collection of makeup we have at home. There are products that last longer and others that disappear from our shelves almost before purchasing them. Furthermore, many cosmetics demand is high. To do this, the solution is this application that not only lets you sort your closet or vanity, but whether your flagship product is running low. Do not miss your star touch!


Dress app

Enjoy a completely virtual competent personal adviser from your mobile phone, able to set up joint with the material you have in your closet. How? Just organize your clothes by type (pants, shirts, shoes …), photographing each of them, upload them to the app and hallucinate with the coolest combinations that this system has prepared. Funny and practical!. Also read Wedding dresses ideas for Female Guests.


Online shopping application that offers its user all you need to know about the world of fashion. In addition, participants share their looks and report on brands and prices that have allowed them to manufacture them. The latest market products and the best deals from your nearest shops are at your disposal. Alerts, reviews, millions of photos and more in a leading global app.


If you want to know first hand the fashion trends, it combines its informative facet Trendabl with the visual concept offered by other social networks for photography. Discover outfits and advice had never been so colorful with filters that provides the application for shared images between users.


Share your clothes with the vast online universe and receive points and positive or negative comments about it. Upload photo of that set you took yesterday, discover if it is a good choice for the future and do not forget to label brands to make known where they come from. Notes the outfit the rest and add them to your list of possibilities. The ultimate fusion between social network and fashion!

My Dressing – Penderie & Mode

Are you tired of opening and closing the cabinet 50 times before leaving home? With My Dressing – Penderie & Mode, up all your clothes to the application and match different clothes to find the set that allows you to succeed. A virtual dressing that will save you time and allow you to share on social networks


Workout Trainer

Jack and Sofia are personal trainers who will delight your training. Each practice exercises are perfectly detailed and you can follow the audio application itself. Each of the activities is divided by muscle groups, with the sole purpose of a complete workout that yields results in a short time. It also serves to yoga, hiking or running.

Runtastic y Runkeeper

The two applications runner par excellence, the new athlete who has turned his practice into a social phenomenon and athletic unprecedented. Fashion has brought to light new garments, footwear, equipment and, of course, as interesting as Runtastic applications and RunKeeper.

As to the first, controls all the parameters that come to light in an activity like this, organized training regarding heart rate monitors racing, carries out specific programs, monitors the status of the shoes … The second also organizes specific plans, and includes the PARVIS beam projections and have many of the features of Runtastic. Both are committed to the cause of social interaction, allowing you to share achievements and other information about each of our training in social networks. But do not overdo it with this option!

My Fitness Pal

One of the great app virtual market for weight loss. In Spanish, translated as Count calories and is designed to fully control the wear thereof, with all the relevant information about them. It also includes a database with six million food and all its features, and more than 350 exercises. With all these data, the record of calories can not be better.

Total Fitness

Excellent guide with exercise routines to get a full workout. You can also challenge yourself and meet the objectives that offers you the application itself. A personal trainer who will also advise you about nutritionism and allow you to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).

Google Play and App Store are crowded with applications for all tastes and needs. In beauty, variety is huge. Notes this and still looking for the network, which is full of surprises. All for feel beautiful!. Nothing could be as better as a good health and all you need to do is transform your bad health routines in a good one. You can follow this link to get a fit body How to Get Leaner Before Your Wedding.

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