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For the long life of your partner, it is necessary for you to dress up well. Why not be the best?

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Being an Indian, you would know that people believe a lot in superstitions in this country. Karwa Chauth is one of the superstition festival that is celebrated here. It is a one-day festival that is mainly celebrated by the Hindu females in many countries, in which married women fast from the time of the sun-rise, till the time of the moon-rise. It is celebrated for the long life of the woman’s husband. If you are fasting for your loved one, don’t you think you should look the best and do the best as well? We have an expert advice from Mahima Bhatia from Mahima Bhatia Photography, and she has a few points about looking gorgeous on Karwa Chauth.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.



One of the top important thing that a woman has to do is apply mehandi on Karwa Chauth. It is an essential part because it holds a very important significance in the ritual. It is considered as a symbol of good fortune for married women in the Indian culture. It is believed that if your mehandi turns out dark in color, then it means that your husband loves you unconditionally! There are mehandi artists like A K Mehandi Art that you can refer to, for a great result. To give more advancement, you can also get an amazing and unique nail art done. This would not just add more impact to your mehandi, but make your hand look even more beautiful.

savePhoto: A K Mehandi Art.
Photo: A K Mehandi Art.

 Perfect outfit

The women who have kept fast for their love’s long life on this day, should wear colors including red, saffron or golden, as these colors are considered to be auspicious for such rituals. If it is your first Karwa Chauth, use these colors to select a heavy dress for you, as it must be really special for you, being it your best. Seeing you fast, your love might melt down, and love you even more after seeing you in an extremely beautiful outfit. Having a perfect outfit can also make you look the best amongst all the ladies present at the Pooja, that is a part of the ritual. You can also have amazing photographs with the gorgeous outfit you wear, with your friends and family! If it is your first Karwa Chauth, a Sabyasachi Mukherjee outfit will make you look nothing less than a princess!

savePhoto: Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
Photo: Sabyasachi Mukherjee.


Accessories never fail to make anyone looking amazing and gorgeous. These give a better look to the outfit that you would be wearing, and would make it more useful, attractive and versatile. The accessory can depend up on your dress. Like, if you are wearing an extremely heavy dress, then you can wear a light amount of accessory. If you are wearing light clothes, then you can wear a heavy set of jewellery. The only concept is to make you look gorgeous and stunning, even if it is your first Karwa Chauth or not! Your partner is just going to go head-over-heels for you all over again. You can also go through Kushals Fashion Jewellery for an amazing collection.

savePhoto: Kushals Fashion Jewellery.
Photo: Kushals Fashion Jewellery.

Makeup on point

With all the dresses, mehandi, nail art and accessories, it is obviously time for the makeup. There is nothing complete without a makeup, if you are dressing up for something very important and special. Every female requires makeup, not just to look beautiful, but to look elegant as well. Just the right amount of makeup with the right outfit would look on point. But just make sure that the makeup should not be too much, but at the same time not be too less too. It should be applied just in the perfect amount. For this, you can visit Tejasvini Chander Makeupand get the best makeup for your special day.

savePhoto: Tejasvini Chander Makeup.
Photo: Tejasvini Chander Makeup.


You have to keep in mind that just like everything else, your hair is very important as well. If your hair is not on-point, then there is no point in dressing up at all. You hair is the first thing that a person notices when he sees you. So, to see that glowing smile on your partner’s face after working so hard to dress-up and also fasting for him the entire day, you need to be careful about every small thing.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

 It is not only this ritual that helps your partner live longer, but it is your relationship too. There are many ways of staying happy and living a lively relationshipFor the women who are a part of this ritual for the first time, ALL THE BEST! For the women who have already been through this, all the best, again!

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