How to maintain good communication with your husband

Find out the rules to have a good communication with your Husband, so that the two of you can live a happy life ahead.

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There are couples who lose their understanding after a certain point of time in their relationship, after they are married. The other thinks that there are differences that are being created in the relationship, but that is not at all true. There are certain things that you must take care of, and keep in mind, that would not make you think this way. Sagar tells you about a few communication rules that you can apply with your Husband. This way, the two of you would start understanding each other in a better way, and have a healthy relationship in the future!

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

Be to the point


There is seriously hardly any men in this world, who can understand a woman by her expressions and words. This is because there are thousand things going on inside a woman’s mind at the same time, and do not mean what they say, or what they want to say! You need to understand that it becomes really difficult for a man to understand things if you go round and round, and not come to the exact point. This would in turn make you even more upset, and make things worse. Make sure that you talk to him to the point, so that you would get a genuine response from him as well. If the two of you are planning to have a baby, and you are not really sure, you do not have to worry about. This would show you the various signs, that your Husband would make a really good father!

Be straight-forward

You really need to have it at the back of your mind, that men do NOT read minds. In order to make him understand something or tell him something, make sure you are being clear enough for him to understand. If you do not like some thing, and you want him to realize it himself, then this is not at all going to happen. Being straight forward in your talks with him would not just make you clear out things in a better way, but would also be useful for the two of you in the future, so that you can have a healthy relationship! You can take your Husband for a date, instead of him taking you out on a date. There are many good hotels to choose from, but you can go for Country Inn and Suites, for a good experience!

savePhoto: Country Inn and Suites.
Photo: Country Inn and Suites.

Be forgiving

Mistakes happen with every one. It is not just your Husband who is at fault every time, but it can be you as well. You would have noticed that your man forgives you for every small mistake that you do. Have you ever wondered why he does that? Without any doubt, he feels bad too, but still forgives you. That is just because he loves you, and does not want every small thing to ruin the special bond that the two of you have. The same way, you must be forgiving as well, unless and until it is some thing big. There are a few rules about marriage, that would help you keep the spark alive.

Timing really matters

You just can not go to your Husband and start telling him things out of no where. You never know, if his mood is not right, then it might lead to some thing disastrous. It actually depends up on what you really want to tell him. If you want to tell him some thing negative, make sure he is neither in a bad mood, nor in a good mood. If he is in a bad mood, then the things would not take time to take a turn, and if he is in a good mood, then it would definitely spoil it. Make sure he is in a phase where he is ready to listen every thing. But when it comes to telling him something good and positive, then you can tell it to him any time, as this would make his mood even better. So, the timing does matter! If you are not really good at cooking and want to try your hands out in it, you can take the help from The Kitchen Art Company, and surprise your Husband with your hand-made food for the first time! He would definitely go ga-ga over it.

savePhoto: The Kitchen Art Company.
Photo: The Kitchen Art Company.

Be polite

You would have noticed that your man is polite with you, no matter how ever you treat him. This is the best quality of a gentleman. Politeness is some thing that every one must have, and practice. Being polite not only makes you a good and humble person who is always respected, but also makes the relationship strong between the two of you. This has a major role in making your relationship healthy, as you understand each other in a better way, than the couple who keeps yelling at each other, without making things clear and being clear when they communicate. Make sure that the two of you are happy with your marriage, because a happy marriage can save your life. Yes, it is a proven fact!

Listen to him once you are done

After you are done with your part of talking and explaining, always give him his space to talk. It is not just you in the relationship, right? It involves him as well. So if you have portrayed your part of the story and explanations, make sure that you listen to him as well, and hear out his point of you and opinion about the things. Every one has different thoughts and explanations, and you must always listen to every one. So, just like how he listens to every thing that you say, you must do the same too. You can also surprise your Husband with a surprise photo-shoot by Hitesh Shivnani. This way, you can keep the memories and moments alive, and cherish them forever!

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

These are the tips that never fail to develop understanding among a couple, and make them even more closer than before. If you feel that differences and distances are being created between you and your Husband, then there is nothing better than following these tips, and making sure that your communication becomes better and the other things would be fine eventually! Being a good wife is an essential part of being in a married relationship. This makes the relationship with your Husband really strong, which in turn keeps the two of you really happy with each other!

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