Mexico: A Honeymoon Full of Flavor, Nature and Joy

Discover the extraordinary richness of one of the most attractive country of the world and live the remarkable moment which spreads the romance and love.

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Mexico rings out romance, it spreads love with a tinge of latin flavor. If your honeymoon involves lots and lots of beach, you should definitely consider Mexico. Colorful Vacations Pvt. Ltd gives you the ease to enjoy your dream honeymoon with the gorgeous oceanside hotels and resort and their ease of travel. Mexico is the heart that beats with joy in Central America. From his position, he gives life to the core of the American continent thrives on beauty and scenarios for your newlyweds. It is a country of music, color and history, race and illusion, delivered to the warmth of a people who live and to be happy, and to make happy. Celebrate your honeymoon in a unique, magical and spicy land with Prime Travels, ideal for lovers.

That’s Mexico

The country of Frida Kahlo is known worldwide by a number of distinguished elements and therefore stereotyped. Mexico is much more. For starters, it is one of the most populous countries in the world, which highlights the warmth of each of its inhabitants, and with different environments that display a wide range of contrasts. Thus, the bustle of the big Mexican city, Mexico City, contrasts with the purity of its natural and varied environments. Mexico has an enviable, perfect to enjoy its many natural environments climate. They are seasoned with some of the best ingredients from the earth, pleaded guilty to place its gastronomy among the best in the world. In its territory we speak Spanish and live up to 67 indigenous languages. This hodgepodge is a faithful witness to the diversity of environments that permeates throughout the country, as well as the current and ancient culture that prevails everywhere. Cradle of Mayan civilization, their memory extends from the past and continues acclimating the present of Mexican life. Check this out Enjoy an Exquisite Honeymoon in New York.

Big Cities

Mexico City is the capital and holds within it a wonderful world of sensations. The cultural offer is high and reinforced with extraordinary stately and iconic buildings, sites in large avenues. In turn, as a major Latin American city (ranked No. 14 in the world in terms of population), embraces the bustle of large cities, with its genuine neighborhoods as a counterpoint to the most exquisite environments.Guadalajara, beautiful for the art of the streets and some colonial vestige, is a symbol of the country for its culture of mariachis and tequila. Merida is one of its major urban centers, but noted for its archaeological wealth of Pre-Hispanic origins. Monterrey, famous for the Cerro de la Silla and gastronomic delight kid, also stands out among the many cities that must visit. Are you looking supermini tourism for your honeymoon? In Mexico, in addition to natural exuberance, it also highlights its architecture, culture and quaint and busy streets.

Natural Beauties

Although the country’s cultural contribution is large, Mexico has the luxury of large buildings sculpted by nature. The charming mix of cliffs, forests and plains blends harmoniously with the remains of its ancient civilizations, imbued with centuries of history. These scenarios are worthy spaces to represent your honeymoon, perhaps one of the best features of your life.The state of Yucatan is one of the most famous of the territory, especially for its pyramids of Chichen Itza archaeological site that is part of the prestigious group of the new seven wonders of the modern world and considered the epicenter of the culture. Yucatan is also famous for the cenotes, huge holes dug into the rock, in addition to ancient myths, harbor a limpid and fresh water to relax with friends.

Chiapas also brings several extraordinary nature sites such as the Mayan city of Palenque, another stronghold of this beautiful and ancient culture. There stone buildings in the jungle, crisscrossed by rivers and the sound of nature in its purest aspect rise. Nearby, Agua Azul Cascades catch any lover of adventure in this Mexican reserve of flora and fauna as well as the Sumidero Canyon and its fabulous dissection of the rock, full of vegetation, cliffs and the flow of the river Grijalva.The state of Oaxaca keeps treasures like waterfalls Boil Water and Monte Alban. The beautiful Huasteca, the Cave of Swallows and the Real de Catorce succeed as destinations in San Luis Potosi. In Michoacan, Janitzio Island, the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and the church are buried by Paricutin its great attractions. The other states (Puebla, Queretaro, Guanajuato …) is another trunk full of archaeological and natural treasures of extraordinary composition as the Great Altar Desert in Sonora. They are ideal as a backdrop for your big trip.

The Virtues of the Coast

Mexico enjoys a privileged location, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east. In this sense, it has beaches designed with art by Impressionist painter, excellent for a honeymoon with aquatic essence. Rivera Maya, Cancun, Cozumel and Acapulco are large coastal references the country and visiting four reasons for many tourists.

Riviera Maya

Paradise takes shape in Riviera Maya with amazing stagings and a host of activities to make contact with nature. All this implies a hotel offer high pompadour, with the latest services and amenities available to visitors couples. Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is located between the jungle and the beach, with luxury as flag (yoga, sauna, spa …) and overlooking a private paradise. Hotel Esencia, between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, features 29 suites and villas specialized in keeping the privacy of its visitors.In the tropical forest, in the village of Xcalacoco beach, the Hotel Viceroy Riviera Maya is a destination of luxury, comfort and privacy, involved in the environmental cause. Banyan Tree Mayakoba in hospitality and Mexican and Asian culture mixes with mangroves, natural dunes, wonderful coral reefs and magic of the coast as settings for the most demanding leisure. Andaz Mayakoba Resort is another space comprising luxury Riviera Maya, a good choice thanks to its spacious rooms, swimming pools, delicious cuisine and location opposite the Caribbean coast.

Riviera Maya, Tulum (Quintana Roo) is one of the major centers, combining the cultural offer of its archaeological remnants of the Mayan post-classic period with the wide paradisiacal beaches of crystalline patina. There, in the middle of the Caribbean natural sanctuary, the Jashita Hotel is one of the most exclusive and intimate gathering spaces for newlyweds. The resort is trapped by the cooing of Soliman bay, beautiful as a piece of heaven and protected with care, like the rest of his amazing surrounding vegetation (highlight its beautiful bougainvillea flowers).Under the banner of Rosa del Viento, one of the stars of Tulum, you can choose rooms nestled in the jungle or on the beach sand; an indescribable luxury. In Karisma Hotel & Resorts, the beauty of its spaces and landscapes is obvious and, therefore, focus on improving care to complete the excellence of its services.

Cancun, Cozumel and Acalpulco

The island of Cozumel is also among the big holiday hits Mexico, where it takes its extraordinary importance coral reef, faithful representative of the biodiversity of the Caribbean waters. President Cozumel is the hotel that reigns in that area of ​​the Riviera Maya and contains surprises as its air restaurant.The island of Cozumel is also among the big holiday hits Mexico, where it takes its extraordinary importance coral reef, faithful representative of the biodiversity of the Caribbean waters. President Cozumel is the hotel that reigns in that area of ​​the Riviera Maya and contains surprises as its air restaurant.


Mexico is often associated with this frenetic carnival of tastes, smells and sensations. The spicy, a procedure for authentic Mexican, is the dominant note of their dishes, however, dominate and drive to become a sparkling and fun culinary work. Influenced by international cuisine over the years, Mexican cooks have made a unique and special gastronomy, with full personality flavors, textures and shades. In fact, it is one of the few American countries that retain the cuisine of the pre-Hispanic era, despite some changes.Mexican cuisine has specialized in the use of corn, beans, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, different birds and typical Mexican spices. The corn tortilla is one of its star elements and used to wrap foods in elaborations of toast, quesadillas, tacos, chalupas, gorditas, chopped, plus other Mexican dishes. Their sauces also stand out among its forest of flavors, crowning the whole with verve, mischief and elegance. Chili, a type of pepper with multiple variants, flavors and itching, is the fundamental ingredient of these creamy delights as well as the tool that puts the icing on most dishes. Mexican cuisine has reached an extraordinary world famous and has influenced many cuisines around the world, from the most humble to haute cuisine creations.

Mexico is a roller coaster of secrets, flavors and emotions, many of which are known and many hidden and reserved for restless minds. A honeymoon in this green and living earth is an incentive for your future memories, a gift built by true fans love. Are you urge one? Show your love to your partner not only through your words but also from your deeds and get your suitcase ready to fly to mexico. Also see Visit Paradise With a Honeymoon in Costa Rica.

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