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12 mistakes you should not make as a wedding guest

Don't be a bad wedding guest! Learn 12 mistakes you should never make as a wedding guest from some of best fashion bloggers!

We’re in the middle of wedding season and surely you have at least one wedding to attend this year. Maybe you’ve already started thinking about the makeup, dressand shoes that you are going to wear, especially if it’s the wedding of a close relative or friend. Whatever kind of wedding you’ll be attending, there are a number of fashion crimes that you never want to commit when you attend a wedding as a guest. Learn 12 mistakes you should never make as a wedding guest from some of best fashion bloggers!

1.Wearing red

The biggest mistake a wedding guest can make is to wear the same color as the bride, but sometimes people forge and ignore this very important rule. Red and maroon, as pretty as they are, are totally off limits if you’re not the bride. Yes, we know red dresses are beautiful, but you have many pretty colors to choose from. The bride is the protagonist, so show respect. It is her day and she is the only one who should get to wear that color. However, if you’re a fan of red and want to include it in your look, there’s a way to incorporate it without being rude by using accessories.

savePhoto: Aryan Creation.
Photo: Aryan Creation.

2.Showing too much skin

Many may think that this rule no longer applies. Of course, you want to look sexy and stunning but you should always remember what kind of event it is. Since this is a religious ceremony and a family-friendly event, you should not wear anything too revealing. Necklines that are too low should be left at home.

3.Wearing a transparent dress

Make sure you don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions, like having your dress be see-through. Remember you are attending a wedding ceremony, not a night club party.

4.Wearing a mini dress

Dresses that are too short can be vulgar and a wedding is not the most appropriate place to wear them. A bit above the knees if okay, but anything shorter should be left at home. At a wedding you should look more traditional not sexy.

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.Learn more about “Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.”
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

5.Wearing a skintight dress

Skintight dresses are not highly recommended for events like this where you usually eat and drink a lot. Yes, a skin tight dress can be nice but not after we eat and drink, since we will have more of a belly and feel uncomfortable. It’s better to opt for lehnga, suits, or sarees.

6.Wearing a long dress

It’s better to ditch long dresses.  Go for a fully traditional look. After all, you can always wear a long dress, but how often do you get to wear traditional Indian attire.

7.Wearing the wrong shoes

Be careful what shoes you choose if you are very tall. Wearing heels might make you too tall. Tall girls should go for flats to look shorter and short girls should try to wear heels to add more height.

savePhoto: Jimmy Choo.
Photo: Jimmy Choo.
savePhoto: Christian Louboutin.
Photo: Christian Louboutin.

8.Overdoing accessories

On many occasions, and weddings are no exception, less is more when it comes to accessories. You’re not a Christmas tree, so choose your accessories right, especially for a wedding. It is best to opt for simple bangles, rings, and necklaces (according to your dress).

9.Wearing shoes you can’t walk in

There is nothing more daunting and less fashionable than wearing heels you can’t walk in. Many people make the mistake of thinking that it is only a few hours and you’ll manage in heels. Don’t be one of those guests who can’t walk in her shoes. Try on the heels you plan on wearing and wear them around for a few hours to see if you can really last at the wedding. If you can’t, leave them at home.

10.Wearing sunglasses

It is a mistake and can spoil even the best outfits. If they don’t go with your look, don’t wear them. Sunglasses are a great choice if ceremony is taking place during the day but are unnecessary anywhere else.

saveMahima Bhatia.Learn more about “Mahima Bhatia.”
Photo: Mahima Bhatia.

11.Too much matching

This is a mistake that we often making in style. Matching bags with shoes of the same color is not a good idea if you want to look perfect. Of course you want to match, but wearing shoes and a bag of the same color, patterns, and details can be a little excessive and too old-fashioned.

12.Wearing the wrong hair and makeup

A good hair and makeup expert stylist makes all the difference. It is important to remember that less is more when it comes to makeup. Mistakes like this can ruin a good outfit and make you look older.

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