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Mistakes you should not make in your look when choosing accessories for your outfit

There are definitely a few things that you must not choose as an accessory with your outfit, so that you do not become the disaster of the event! Choose wisely, be happy.

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If you are invited to a Wedding, then there are certain things that you must really focus up on. Not only is it important to be attractive to new trends, but to the most common mistakes as well, the ones you must avoid at all costs. It is pretty easy to choose a nice dress to a Wedding, and look elegant. But what really makes the difference, are the compliments that you get. There are a few mistakes that you must not make while choosing the accessories with your outfit, and Arnav from Arnav Design, is here to tell you about them!

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days.
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.

Overloading of the wrist bracelets

You must make one thing very clear to yourself. You have already passed the fashion in which you would have worn bracelets on your entire arms. Wearing such things nowadays would just make a joke out of you, and you would feel really out of place with them. Instead of wearing so many bracelets, you can go in for just one bracelet-jewel, that would look really classy and elegant. It is always a good idea to wear a bracelet, that will give your outfit its glamour. Still do not know about what to wear at your dear one’s Wedding? Don’t worry! There are a few Wedding dresses ideas for female guests, that you can go through, which would make it easier for you to decide as to what to wear!

Long necklace for a dress with a deep neck

Necklaces are one of the indispensable accessories to be a guest to the last. You would surely want to wear one of them at the next Wedding that you attend as a guest, but you should know that there are times, when you should not really get the idea to wear them. You must be wondering when those times must be. right? Well, if your dress has a large neckline, then it is recommended not to go for the long necklaces, as they would definitely make a fool out of you. You can wear these with the dresses with short necklines, and for the ones with deep necks, you can prefer short and elegant necklaces. You can also refer to What to wear to a winter Wedding, so that you would have more options about the dresses that you would want to wear to a Wedding!

savePhoto: Arnav Design.
Photo: Arnav Design.

Type of shoes

You must have faced a few instances, where you would have bought the shoes before evening deciding the kind of dress that you would be wearing to the event. It is just an advise, that never buy your shoes, before even having an idea about what you are going to wear to the Wedding. This at times creates disasters, that might be embarrassing for you! The main focus should be on the dress first, and the types of shoes can follow the list. Always choose the shoes that suits you the best, and always make sure that you are comfortable in it. Do not buy something that looks fantastic, but you are not comfortable in it, at the same time. Well, it is you who is going to suffer at the end, and not anybody else. Also, take into account the length of the heel, according to the bottom of the dress. If you are confused about where to buy your shoes from, then you can check out Christian Louboutin, and get ready to drool over their collection!

savePhoto: Christian Louboutin.
Photo: Christian Louboutin.
savePhoto: Christian Louboutin.
Photo: Christian Louboutin.

Mix patterns

If you are thinking about mixing patterns, then do NOT even think about it ever! If you want to surprise the other guests by the sophistication of your look, never mix patterns. If you choose a skirt with floral motifs, combine it with a smooth top. If on the other hand, you decide on a very striking dress, select one-tone shoes, and a plain clutch; this would make such an amazing combination to wear! If you wish to give the couple a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then make sure you do not forget to visit Ferns N Petals, and have an amazing variety to choose from!

Carrying too many accessories

When a special event arrives, we all want to put it all together, and at the same time we do not realize, that we are disguised. You have to be yourself, and choose a look adapted to your personality, with a few accessories that are well combined, of course. Heavy necklaces, million bracelets, big rings, and giant earrings are not really going to make you look good, but it is just the opposite. Well, there are a few Wedding concepts that you need to know, and you would find them right here.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days.
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.

Now that you know the mistakes that you must not make while choosing the accessories of your guest look, make sure you follow them, and look and feel amazing while attending the Wedding of your dear one. All you need to do is, make sure that you do not become a disaster on some one’s Wedding that you are invited to. For that, you must be very attentive to the new trends around you. Know the latest Wedding trends, and you would be all set for the event!

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