Make-Up Do's and Don'ts By Our Brand Ambassador For Beauty: Namrata Soni

Have you fallen into a makeup rut? You know you want a new look, but you keeping coming back to the same old routines? Change can be challenging, but switching gears and emphasising your best features in new ways can be positively thrilling. But don’t worry, Namrata Soni’s has her do’s and don’ts for makeup right here…

Namrata Soni

Your Skin

‘Radiant skin is the key to beauty’ says Soni. Healthy skin is essential, and it is a must that you have a good, consistent skin care routine before thinking about your make-up. Some of us are blessed with flawless skin, but for most of us,  we need to enhance our complexion and create a luminous glow by using the right products-for our skin type.

Top tip: ‘Always start by moisturizing your face. I do not apply makeup without following this cardinal rule’.


Never leave your home without sunscreen; it’s the most essential beauty tip Soni can pass onto you. It protects the skin from all the pollution and harmful effects of the sun so it’s extremely important for daily use, and especially for the days leading up to your big day!

The Matte Look

Using powder to matte down your face is as dated as the beehive. To control shine, use oil-control lotion, blotting papers, or sheer blotting powders. Or just powder the T-zone area. Look clean, not cakey.

Namrata Soni

Over-lining the Lips

‘Lip liner abuse is the biggest sin I see’. Never use liner to draw on big lips unless you’re in a stage show. And don’t use liners darker than your lipstick or gloss shade.

Concealer Gone Wrong

Don’t apply concealer before the foundation; you’ll just wipe it off when you apply foundation. And don’t use a shade much lighter than your foundation; that highlights rather than conceals. Apply it to the problem spots later and blend away. Blend, blend, blend ladies, blending is the key to a successful makeup look!

Namrata Soni

Finding your Foundation Shade

Never use the back of the wrist to test foundation shades. Always use the chest area or the side of your face. Always try 2 to 3 shades along side each other so that u know which will be the perfect match.

Namrata Soni

These are a few of the top do’s and don’ts recommended by Soni. To achieve your perfect makeup look be sure to simply bear these in mind.

Lately, it seems like the more advanced we become as women, the more insecure we feel about the way we look. But, fear no more, ‘instead of looking for what to correct, I focus on bringing out their best features’. Soni strongly believes that ‘looking good starts and ends with feeling beautiful from within. Make-up is simply a reflection of that beauty’.

Soni’s Rule of Three: Embrace it. Celebrate it. And work it!

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