Never leave a man who has these 10 qualities! MARRY HIM!

Are you madly in love with the man you are in a relationship with? Make sure he has these qualities so that you can marry him right away!

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Relationships are wonderful. It is even more beautiful when you feel that you have found the one, and want to spend your entire life with him. Finding the right one for marriage is pretty tough nowadays, and most of the people do not take relationships seriously. There are many men who take relationships seriously, but are afraid of getting married. Finding the right man is pretty tough, and for that We have a few words from Lensight Photography regarding the qualities of a man who is is a perfect marriage material!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

 1. Trusts you

If a man trusts you and is trustworthy himself, then he is definitely the one! Trust is something that is the base of a relationship, and builds up one to be bigger and better by time provided that every thing is going great in the relationship. It is a super important part of any relationship. When a man trusts on you, it means that he feels you are reliable, he has confidence in you and that he feels safe with you, may it be mentally or physically.

2. Appreciates being with you

There are a very few men who actually take out time to stay with their partner, so that they both can have their own quality time. People are so busy in their own lives these days, that no one really bothers about these small things, and make sure that their woman is comfortable enough with everything! So, if your man appreciates being with you, is proud to have you and not afraid to show it to the entire world that he loves you, then there is no need to look anywhere else!

3. No restrictions

Restrictions generally make the relationship fall apart. If a man has too many restrictions for his lady, then she would start feeling really insecure and un-loved. Ladies, you have the right to do everything. You do not have to listen to other men and take their opinion; you have yours. If your man does not restrict you to do anything and everything, then he is the one!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

 4. Loves your flaws

Many men out there are searching for ‘Perfect Women’ whom they can spend their lives with. But as we all know, nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws, and that has to be accepted by everyone; may it be your man, your family or the society. Nobody is born perfect. If a man loves every bit of you, including your flaws, then never let him leave your side. Such men are very hard to find these days!

5. Gives you compliments

Every woman wants to hear compliments from the one she loves. They never fail to make a lady feel appreciated and it always makes the connections stronger between the couple. Psychology says that compliment outnumbers criticisms by more than five-to-one. Your man giving compliments is probably the sweetest thing that can ever happen, when you are least expecting it. It’s not just him who has to make you feel special; you can do it to. Find out about how to make your man feel special.

6. Stays loyal

Staying loyal is what is becoming extinct, when it comes to men. Staying loyal always does not mean listening to the partner. It also means that you would not do anything wrong, that would hurt your partner and would lead on to something big and ugly which could make things worse in the future. If your man is loyal to you, that is, makes out time for you, enjoys your company, does not care about anything or anyone else when with you, then do not let him go away!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

 7. Good self-esteem

Although many qualities are important, a good self-esteem is important too! Having one results in not being boastful and arrogant, which impresses women. A man with such a quality understands himself, which makes it much easier for him to understand women! So if your man has this quality, there would be no fear of him not knowing you enough!

8. Respect for you and your family

Respect is the main thing that comes first when someone talks about a relationship. The way a man respects a woman shows his character. Let alone the women; the way a man treats other people when he is with/without his woman shows who he really is. If he is respectful enough towards you and your family and your family likes him, then what are you waiting for?

9. Compromising

When it comes to marrying a man, there are many compromises a woman has to do. They might include leaving her home and parents and living with her man and her family, in most cases leaving her job, and what not. But everything should be equal, right? So, if a man is comprising a few things for you, just to keep you happy and see a smile on your face, then keep him inside your heart forever and steal his last name as soon as possible!

10. Loves you unconditionally 

Love is the basic and universal bond of a relationship. If there is no love, there is no relationship, and in turn, there is no marriage. Make sure that your man loves you more than anything that he has ever loved, except the exceptions. If you want to marry him, just make sure that you are a part of his priority list, and that he loves you unconditionally, no matter what!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

If your man has these ten qualities, or even eight of them, then you just can NOT afford to lose him. He must be a really gem of a person to have these qualities, as they are very rare to find in men of this generation. Marry the guy, and never let him go away from you. Treasure him. Also, refer to The signs which proves that you have an amazing partner to be even more proud of him!

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