Reasons why men marry - You will be surprised!

There are many reasons why men marry, that you would not even have any idea about! Just like how things keep going on in your mind, and your thoughts keep continuing in your head, it is the same case with the men as well. There are many things that even they think about, so as to have a happy life, ahead in the future. Shyamal and Bhumika share some reasons about why a man would get married!

Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

For love

This is the most romantic thing ever. There are women who think that all men are casual about the relationships, and do not take them seriously. But well, that is not the truth. There are men who are really serious for a woman, and have already planned to spend his entire life with her! These men believe in love for a lifetime, and also believe that marriages are incredible. Men do fall in love, and are romantic, and are not scared for big commitments like marriages, instead of running away from them. Are you mad about getting your photographs clicked? Well, you can refer to Mahima Bhatia Photography, for capturing amazing moments of you with your partner, before, on, and after your special day!

Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

For making his wife happy

There are men who would have always dreamed of marrying the love of his life, and keep falling in love with the same woman again and again, not just for the party, but for making the bond between them stronger. Men like these enjoy their love life to the fullest, and would do  any thing to make their partner happy. This is a very natural part of the process to be happy with the love of your life! To yield and empathize with the other, is a clear feature that you are with the right person. Did you know? According to science, a happy marriage can save your life!

By social pressure

When it comes to Indian especially, social pressure to get married is something that is very common. Every thing you do, you need to think about what the society would think of you, and that you have to maintain your respect and dignity in the society, and among the people you are with. If you have not married yet, and you are growing older and older, then the parents would start to force you to get married, so that the SOCIETY does not think that you are a marriage material. This happens with not just you women, but with the men as well. You can also refer to Vishwa Jyotish, a very renowned astrologer, if you are looking for an astrologer to match the kundli’s.

To have a football team, or a rock band

When a man decides to get married, one of the main reasons, with out any doubt, is because she wants to grow old with the woman of his life, and have kids in the future. As men are more likely to be engrossed in music and sports, he would definitely want to form his own rock band, or a football team. This is just a phrase, and not to be taken seriously. By a rock band or a football team, it does not mean having dozens of babies. The only idea is to get married with the perfect one, and have kids with her! Just in case you are not really sure about the your partner, whether you are ready to get married to him or not, you can check the compatibility before saying yes!

Photo: Q Events.
Photo: Q Events.

To have a settled life

There is no man in this world who would not wish for a settled and a peaceful life. As you would have heard, behind every man, there is a woman. This phrase to an extent, is totally true. A man, no matter how independent he is, needs a woman in his life to take care of him. A man can not be by himself for a long duration of time! If the two of you are planning to get married soon, and are looking for a good Wedding planner, then you can refer to Q Events, to have the best experience on your special day.

Photo: Shyamal and Bhumika.
Photo: Shyamal and Bhumika.

No one can really generalize it, but there are many reasons to spare, each with its argument, and experience. There are no established recipes or formats, but the important thing is to understand that the only way for a marriage to work, and to meet the happiness level, is to be honest about one’s own dreams, so as to make individual projects fir for something in common. There are a few things that you women would want to know about men, so that you can understand them better, and have a good future together!

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