School-love wedding of Reshma and Sandeep- the one with the unexpected proposal

Knowing your partner well before tying the knot is something that is very important, and this helps in fewer complications in the relationship of the two. Once you know exactly how the other person is, you are ready to face everything and that makes the relationship between the two people really strong! This was the exact same case with Reshma and Sandeep- they have been knowing each other since they were in eleventh grade, and their friendship eventually turned into marriage. All the special moments were captured amazingly by Savitha Patil Photography, and the photos were loved by everyone!

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

How they met

Reshma and Sandeep met in their high school for the very first time when they were in eleventh grade! Being from the same batch and having the same circle of friends, their friendship eventually turned into love and finally grew to a bond of marriage! Knowing someone in and out before getting married is really important and that was perfectly done by this amazing couple.

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

Proposal couldn’t get better

Every woman wants and deserves the best proposal ever so that she can boast about it to everyone around her. Cute, isn’t it? When it comes to birthday’s, a woman expects a lot from her partner but getting a marriage proposal is what women get very rarely! Well, Reshma was one of them! It was her birthday, and Reshma and Sandeep were hanging out with their friends where they were playing truth or dare! Planned or unplanned, Sandeep gets a dare to propose Reshma, he gets down on his knees, and well, that’s where their love story started!

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

Picture perfect

Selecting the best photographer for capturing the most beautiful memories is really important and this is what was done by Reshma and Sandeep! Savitha Patil Photography was one of the best choices of the couple, and she made sure that the couple was happy with her work! She had also done something that most of the people don’t do- stop motion e-invitations! This is something really rare, and this couple was fortunate enough to be a part of it.

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.
Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

Venue of the events

The venue is one of the most important parts of any wedding needs to be chosen really wisely, and also very perfectly. This ensures that the guests that are invited are impressed and also that it makes the couple’s special day even more special. The venues that were chosen for Reshma and Sandeep’s wedding functions were Nanda’s Hotel Party Hall for mehndi, Octave Hotel for the sangeet, and White House Convention Hall for the wedding.

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

Planning perfectly done

Wedding planning needs to be done just perfectly, as this is very important. Once it is executed perfectly, then it makes it really special and memorable for the couple as this is the day that they had been waiting for very eagerly, and nothing can possibly go wrong in any way! The planning for the couple’s wedding was done by Nalesa Floral Fusion, and it was executed really well.

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

Yummy food

One must always make sure that the food that is chosen for the couple’s wedding is really impressive, as it is necessary to make the people attending the wedding very happy. This, in turn, makes the couple feel happy about their wedding and it adds up to the memories to their special day. Catering for the couple’s wedding was done by Sri Mayyis!

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

Jewellery chosen right

While choosing the jewelry, the bride must always make sure that it is selected only after choosing the bridal outfit. This would avoid the last-minute blunder and the horrible miss match, which could be the reason for spoiling the bride’s special day. To avoid all this, selecting the jewelry after the outfit is sensible, and this is what was done by Reshma! Her jewelry was from PMJ Jewellers, Navratan, and Swarnasankalp, and she totally rocked in it.

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.
Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

The makeup

The makeup of the bride needs to be perfectly done so that she looks beautiful in it. One must always make sure that the makeup that is being put on is matching to the bride’s outfit and jewelry. If this is not being taken care of, then there are high chances that the bride’s day would not be up to the mark, and there will be so many people to be blamed. To avoid this, make sure that the makeup is done perfectly so that it makes memorable for the bride on her special day. Reshma’s makeup was done by Manjusha Bajaj!

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.
Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

Outfits of the bride

The outfits of the bride need to be something really comfortable so that she enjoys each and every moment of her very special day and also packs it up in the bundle of joy! Reshma’s outfits were chosen from Sabyasachi Mukherjee for the engagement, Asiana Couture for the mehndi, Samyakk for the sangeet, Kalamandir for the wedding, and Manish Malhotra for the reception.

Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.
Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.

Reshma would have never thought that a dare could change her life so much in such an amazing way, and neither did Sandeep! They are such a happy couple, and their wedding sure had smiles all around.

Wedding photography: Savitha Patil Photography | Jewellery: PMJ Jewellers, Navratan, Swarnasankalp | Venues: Nanda’s Hotel Party Hall, Octave Hotel, White House Convention Hall | Planning: Nalesa Floral Fusion | Catering: Sri Mayyis | Makeup: Manjusha Bajaj | Outfits: Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Asiana Couture, Manish Malhotra, Samyakk, Kalamandir

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