Secret to a long life - Eat your veggies, drink your water and get married!

Research has in fact found that getting married is good for health! So, alongside eating your 5-a-day, eating your veggies and drinking water, remember to get married aswell!

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Brace yourself ladies and gents because we have news for you ..*drumroll please* – Research has in fact found that getting married is good for health! So, alongside eating your 5-a-day, eating your veggies and drinking water, remember to get married aswell! We’ve also selected a couple of photographers  such as weddings by Knottydays, and florists for inspiration!

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Whilst their snoring, annoying habits and constant nagging no doubt will drive you up the wall, they all contribute to the many reason why you love them or in fact need them more! Ladies in the grand scheme of things, there’s more to gain than complain about! Researchers at Aston University School of Medicine in the United Kingdom found that whilst getting married is an act of sealing the deal of love, it is ALSO required to live a long and healthy life! Don´t believe us? here are some studies that will rattle your brain:

A study, prolonged for 13 years, was performed on 900,000 patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and other diseases. In the case of diabetic and married patients, their chances of survival exceeded that of single patients by 14%. People with cholesterol problems were up to a 16% chance. Whilst this study is based on some results from a year ago researchers have claimed that married people had a 14% lower risk of suffering a heart condition. Amazing right? Sharing really is caring – as we know, in a marriage, all happiness and sorrows are shared, similarly, the nuisance of stress is also shared and working on reducing or preventing it results in a healthy relationship and two healthy individuals. If you want intimate moments as shown below, to be perfectly captured, check out Nicole Ashley photography.

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This study however is not the only one that has shown the benefits of marriage on a  health level. At the University of Pittsburgh, psychologists discovered that stress is another evil that diminishes when people are married. In particular, the stress hormone, called cortisol, had levels 10-15% less than in unmarried people. Further reinforcing that team work really does make the dreamwork when you have a partner to share with. To help you plan your wedding check out one of our wedding florists in New Delhi: Eventico Events and Hospitality LLP

Wedding florist: Eventico Events and Hospitality LLP

However, this calls to question the effect marriage has on both happiness and satisfaction. Matthijs Kalmijn, a sociologist at the University of Amsterdam, concluded that happiness and satisfaction were no greater in married than in single people. In fact, during the marriage, the satisfaction diminishes with the passage of the years. Therefore, from Zankyou we always talk about the importance of building a marriage with constant reinvention, where every day is special and serves to discover new things about eachother. To help you reinvent your relationship perhaps have a dinner date with a view –  captured beautifully by Sanaz photography.

Photo by Sanaz Photography

Further to this, marriage,  whilst reducing increases longevity – meaning both individuals live longer. ultimately because they have someone to share the rest of their life with, waking up to the one person you adore whole heartedly essentially acts as an incentive to want to experience the moment repeatedly every morning. So of course you would want to live longer. This as result encourages partners to take more care of their health and each others, whether it be physically by going to the gym together or mentally, by sharing the good and the bad with one another.

So guys start soul searching for your special other half to share all your dirty laundry and constant nagging with! All jokes aside ladies and gentleman, Marriage is not miraculous nor the secret formula to live many years. However, it is true that you both can live a more successful life and be more supportive during the rollercoaster of highs and lows

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