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Sisterly Style: Stunning Co-Ordinates for Sisters at Weddings

Family is everything, so why not align yourself with your beloved sister through matching occasion-wear? We've found gorgeous outfits that co-ordinate according to colour, pattern or style.

Sisterly Style: Stunning Co-Ordinates for Sisters at Weddings
Sabyasachi Official
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Whether you are the sister-of-the-bride, or the sister of another guest, it’s always fun at Indian weddings to co-ordinate your outfits for the photos. Family is everything, so why not align yourself with your beloved sister through matching occasion-wear?

We have done our research (so that you don’t have to!) and found some gorgeous outfits that co-ordinate according to colour, pattern or style – but each have a different touch! You’ll be able to feel both co-ordinated AND unique.

 1. Matching embroidery

We just love these two Sabyasachi Official outfits. Both are slightly different in terms of shape, but they both incorporate the same embroidery with beautiful, blue and pink embellishments that are subtle yet striking, especially when set against the ivory tones.

With Indian weddings, there is no such thing as too much bling – so we admire how these outfits incorporate it from head to toe, with exquisite pearl and diamond collars.

Sabyasachi Official

Sabyasachi is a talented, renowned designer who’s collections can be found in countries far and wide like U.S.A, Kuwait, UAE, Switzerland, Russia, Greece, Germany and U.K amongst others, and have been featured in British Vogue, and London’s prestigious shops like Browns and Selfridges.

2. Pastel Palettes

It’s undeniable that pastel tones, especially nude, are a hot trend for 2018 weddings, so prepare to stun the crowds by co-ordinating with these light and fresh colours. Astha Narang is a pioneer when it comes to designing beautiful pastel coloured wedding pieces that can be worn by matching sisters.

Astha Narang Official

The picture above shows two outfits that look great together, both with ivory and gold cropped tops, with different coloured skirts:  soft pink and pastel blue look perfect when pictured together!

Another sister look from Astha Narang is pictured below, involving two completely different pastel-coloured outfits that complement each other greatly. From mocha to peachy pink, you can be sure that you and your sis will look fabulous with lightly coloured co-ordination!

Astha Narang Official

3. Shimmering Silver

Another colour scheme we just love is that of silver and light grey. Amidst the bright colour of Indian weddings you and your sister will stand out for wearing a classy and chic monochrome yet sparkly combo.

Ridhima Bhasin has incorporated silver into her new collection with these three spectacular designs, and all of them look perfect together, despite their individual and unique touches.

Ridhima Bhasin

Alternatively, check out these beautiful looks from Ridhi Mehra. They again use opposing yet complementary colours, but both from the same grey palette, with similar tiered skirts (of a trendy bohemian style) and ethereal tops with flared sleeves.

Ridhi Mehra

4. Funky Fringe

A really trendy look right now is the fringed top, and no-one does it better than Ridhima Bhasin. The two outfits below are different in terms of style and skirt colour, but both have exquisite fringed tops in a deep mulberry hue. This colour looks stunning against golden skin, and the fringe will add a bit of funk to your moves on the dance-floor!

Ridhima Bhasin Official

5. Bold prints and colours

On the other hand, while pastel tones are super elegant, you may want to co-ordinate with your sister through big prints and bright colours. This way, you will be making a statement that won’t go unnoticed.

This look, from the Papa Don’t Preach collection by Shubhika, is certainly striking, contrasting a deep regal green with summery yellow embroidery and a lighter lilac top. Co-ordinate with your sister on this and the spotlight will be on you both!

Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika

6. Royal Patterns

Lastly, you and your sister may want to embody tradition and India’s rich history of artisan textiles within your outfit co-ordination. The best way to do this is by wearing luxury velvet black fabrics that have regal red and gold patterning throughout. Pictured below is our favourite from Tarun Tahiliani, an elaborate collection of exquisite looks that give off a royal, sophisticated air.

Tarun Tahiliani

So, when it comes to standing out from the crowd with your sister (and best friend!) you know which designers to go to. Whether your sisterly style incorporates pastel tones, elaborate embroidery, traditional patterning or striking fringes – you can make it work to look like the perfect pair on such a special day!

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