Spectacular ways to organize a massive wedding!

Indian guest's list for a Wedding is never-ending, and so are the preparations. Here is how you can organize a massive Wedding.

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Planning a marriage is some thing that just does not happen instantly. It definitely requires a good amount of time of the Bride and the Groom, and their families as well. You need to start well in advance, to make sure that the things go as per planned on the special day! Planning a massive Wedding is a headache, as you would not know where to start from. Mahima Bhatia gives you tips about planning a massive Wedding!

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Organisation is important


Keeping a track of any thing and every thing in a Wedding is a very huge task to even think about. You need to organize every thing from the beginning till the end, so that there is nothing that would go wrong at the last moment. Organisation definitely needs coordination of various people who are involved in making the function really special for the Bridal couple. Every thing can not be done by them, and they definitely need a helping hand to help them organize everything. Once every thing is organised properly, there is no chance of any thing going wrong at the end. Want to organize a grand Wedding? Here is how you can do that!

Quality and quantity does matter

You know your Wedding is an Indian Wedding. You also know that there are going to be thousands of people who would be attending it. For this, you need to make sure there is quantity and quality in every thing that is present at the venue, especially food. When there is a large crowd that is going to end up coming at your Wedding, you must be well prepared in advance for the same. You must make sure that there is enough quantity of food available, so that every single person gets to taste it. You also need to make sure that the quality is amazing, so that the guests can appreciate it as well. You can hire Trupti Caterers, to have a delicious experience!

savePhoto: Trupti Caterers.
Photo: Trupti Caterers.

Hiring a professional

It is pretty obvious that you can not do every thing by yourself. You need to have a help of a professional. Wedding is something that is not small, and is taking very seriously among the Indian families. It being a very vast and important function, there is nothing at all that can go wrong. Every thing needs to be perfect and to the point. For this, you definitely need to hire a professional, so that it makes it easier for you to handle things, and that the event goes as per planned. This would also help you take less stress, and would also give you more time for grooming up. You can have so much ease after hiring a planner, and you need to hire the best. Chic Events would definitely make your Wedding very memorable!

savePhoto: Chic Events.
Photo: Chic Events.

Have a checklist

There are times when you have so many thoughts running inside your head, especially when it is regarding the Wedding. With so many thoughts running at the same time, there are chances that you would forget a few towards the end of you actually doing them. This might be a reason of any kind of fault at your Wedding, and you definitely would not want that any how. The best way to avoid such disasters is by preparing a checklist, in which you can keep jotting down points as soon as you think about them, so that you do not really forget any thing when you are nearing your Wedding day. This not just helps the function go smoothly, but it also gives you a sigh of relief on your Wedding day, and relaxes your muscles. If you have a very limited time to organize your Wedding, then there are many tips by which you can do the same!

Plan the guest list

To make a final guest list, especially for a Wedding ceremony that is going to be held in a large scale, is a really horrifying and an exhausting task. You would want to call the entire city or the country on your special day, but that is of course humanly impossible. Planning the guest list is a tricky task, but it ca be done in a simple way. All you have to do is list down the name of the people who you want to invite, may it be friends, family, people from and what not. At the same time, ask your partner to make a list of the people who he wants to invite, and after the two of you are done with this, make a list of all the common friends. This way, you would have the guest list ready, and it would be easier for you to send invitations to them, and also make preparations for your big day in an easier way! Sumegha’s would help you decide an amazing invitation card, that you can send to your guests and impress them at one go!

savePhoto: Sumegha's.
Photo: Sumegha’s.

Here are a few perfect take-away’s for your Wedding guests, and make them happy! After all that you have done, make sure you take the approval of the professional, because there is no one else better than them to tell you if there are any faults in your plan or not. This would totally help you to take less stress, and help you enjoy your big day in a bigger and better way.

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