The 20 best things about a relationship!

There are many small things that make you happy in a relationship! A few of the very best things about one are right here!

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If you are in a committed relationship, everything might feel special and amazing to you, especially when you realize that you are in love with that person. The feeling of love is really amazing in itself. Do you know How you Feel When you are in Love? There are many best things about a relationship, that people enjoy in their own way! Some feel happy being around the one, some plan special things for the same, and so on. We have an expert advice from Manjeet Khehra, a very renowned makeup artist. According to her, these 20 things are the best in a relationship:

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

1. You can date forever

Dating is probably the cutest thing ever in a relationship. You get to go to different places and get to know each other more over a drink, or even over a cup of coffee!

2. Falling in love

Once you know that you have already fallen for the person, you would definitely not hesitate in falling in love with the same person over and over again. That feeling of love is truly something extraordinary.

3. Being silly

Taking yourself seriously will make you miss the amazing moments in life. You might as well be silly in front of the other, or rather be silly together and LAUGH! Laughing together increases the possibility of the two staying together, forever!

4. Growing up together

When you know that your partner is the one for you, the feeling of growing old together is somewhat very different and amazing. You face many difficulties in life with them, or rather them being by your side. So basically, you face all the problems together, and grow mature with time, together!

5. Forgiveness

Even if your are an impatient person, then being in a relationship teaches you how to be a patient one. There are many ups and down in a relationship, that make people learn a lot of things all at once. The main could be making a person patient and forgive the other, irrespective of what they have done, provided it is not something extreme. Forgiving the other may just bring sunshine in your relationship, and not darkness!

6. Understanding priorities

You understand your priorities when you are in a relationship, which is something that is very important to understand to keep the relationship healthy! Priority makes the other one realize as to what they are to you, which would eventually lead to a better understanding relationship.

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

 7. Dream big together

Everyone has their own dreams. So why not dream big together? This would help in fulfilling your own dream, plus fulfilling the dream of the other one as well.

8. Trust

The trust keeps getting deeper in a relationship, as the time passes by. With all the ups and downs, if the trust remains constant, then you both are bound to be together for lifetime!

9. Honesty

Being totally honest to your partner is extremely important in a relationship. If you have done something wrong, accept it! The fate will decide what would happen next. Nut if the bond is strong, then whatever happens, would surely be positive.

10. Secret language

Having a secret language with your love is really adorable. Being in a public place and not able to communicate properly about certain things openly has finally found its way out. A secret language that remains just between the two of you would help you do it better!

11. Laughter

The more you laugh, the better the relationship. Laughter is extremely essential for a happy relationship, and would reach great heights!

12. Excitement

There is always a sense of excitement in every relationship. It could be regarding meeting your partner, going on a date with them, exploring new things, and what not.

13. Small gestures

Every little gesture that you do, makes the other feel really happy! They feel special, and this increases the love in every relationship!

14. Respect

The most important part of a relationship is respect! If you just can NOT respect your partner, then you are not at all fit for being in a relationship with them.

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

 15. Best friend

In a relationship, you find not just your partner for life, but also your best friends whom you can trust and have fun with, throughout your life!

16. Countless conversation

Being in a relationship never makes you go out of topics to talk about. You would definitely find something or the other to talk about, when it comes to gossip!

17. You will never feel lonely

In a committed relationship, there are NO chances of you feeling lonely! As you know, the other would always be there for you and with you no matter what!

18. Endless motivation

Your partner, no doubt, would support you in everything. Even if you do not get the required amount of support from the others, you would definitely get endless support from the one you love!

19. Personal caretaker

Your partner is not just your best friend for life, but your personal caretaker as well. From taking care of you to suggesting you the safest plans, the partner does it all.

20. Makes you a better person

A relationship not just makes you fall in love and feel good about yourself, but makes you a better person than you were before!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

A relationship not just helps you be a better person, but also helps you look at life in a different and better perspective. You start enjoying everything you do, and you also start respecting other people. Do you at times think about How to Know if You Have Found your Soulmate? Well, here is where you can find it!

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