The 7 most important conversations you must have with your husband before your wedding

These conversations will help you to make your relationship more strong. It is always better to have conversation to clear out all the things which are consuming your mind before the things happen.

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We understand that the pre-wedding phase is full of excitement and anticipation, but have you talked to your husband about the serious issues? Remember that the day of your wedding lasts less than 24 hours; however what comes next will be the framework of your life together. Here we tell you the 7 serious talks that you should have with your husband before the wedding.

Money Matters

If you and your husband have a stable job, this issue is fundamental. You need to build a realistic budget with income, expenditure projections, rents, services, etc. They must reach an agreement to see how they will spread the cost of your home, the supermarket, or how much will be saving a month for future trips, or shopping tastes. Although the money issue is a very sensitive topic for some girls, please do not get married without first having a clear picture of how to move the money in your family. Take the opportunity to make it clear how to divide the assets once they are married. Pay attention to these 40 key to start your marriage on the right foot rules.

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 Future plans

See, we know that you are getting married, worse than they have thought about your personal life? Sure you’re dying to study a master, go on a trip to attend a program, you may think about quitting your job, or your husband think to develop professionally in any way possible. Since their marriage will have to make sacrifices so that both can grow and can carry on their dreams. Never forget that your union with the love of your life and not have to end with the goals you have established for years.

What will happen in the house?

In the house Girl will not follow the traditional model like veil, and then it is an obligation they feel to discuss how they will divide the chores at home. Bear in mind that both will be busy with thousands of responsibilities, so we will have to reach an agreement to rise who wash the dishes, who will clean the whole house, who will handle bath -and more! It is essential that both share the tasks and, if possible, do together to strengthen their relationship. Take it into account!

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Photo: Mahima Bhatia

 Let clear differences

It is normal for you and your husband come from completely different environments: education, religious worship, value system, etc. Before you assume that “love is blind”, ideally with your husband how will cope with the differences between you both. Since they are in this important issue , make sure you know if your boyfriend attaches great importance to religion , what are the holidays without which he cannot live (Christmas, for example) , or establish how they will match their differences to be a pillar of strength in their relationship.

And if things get bad

Of course our desire for all couples is to have a lasting marriage and eternal; yet we know that problems can arise at any time, and so it is vital that they know in advance how they will respond in such situations. It is very important to clarify whether experts will come, if you prefer to deal with problems alone and even is vital to clarify whether can share details of her married life with other people (friends, family, etc). It only obstacles ahead will have a clearer mind if they (hopefully not!). Pay attention to the 11 simple things that a couple makes to be happy.

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 Your family or mine

This issue is one of the most important to be addressed before the wedding. It is vital that leave things clear as to the time they will spend with their families, especially if the two are very attached to their parents. It is best to be decided by the times when they lived with their families, or if prefer them together so that coexistence is closer. Although it seems less talk, ideally not procrastinate.

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Photo: Mahima Bhatia

The issue of children

While you want to avoid the issue for a long time or within year, the reality is that very soon you or your guy be wondering when they will have children. It is important to leave things clear in every way: do you want to have children? How long to wait? Have enough money to keep them? Have you thought about adoption? All these questions, for more intense to be read, are essential for both are headed in the same line of thought. Then there will be no excuse to feign insanity. Discover the things you should do with your partner before marriage.

Do not let the most important for last. Remember that these talks will lay the groundwork for the kind of communication which is going to take place in the future, besides the success of their union. With honesty and love, everything is possible!

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