The best winter wedding hairstyles

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Beautiful hair – the object of passion is equally for both men and women. All we girls are trying to transform our hair experimenting with images and care. But the wedding – it’s a special day, when you want to look great without embarrassing blunders. And what are the hairstyles for brides relevant this winter? To answer this question, we asked the expert in the creation of wedding image, in whose hands fall in love, even the most obstinate hair stylists. Bride’s hair: The second most important component of the image after the wedding dress. And it should be paid special attention, watch How to choose different hairstyles for your wedding. After all, it is unique – the biggest trend in recent years. On the catwalk glimpses there were not only white wedding gowns, but also all the pastel shades, black and even with appliqués of 3D-printers. Therefore, choosing the appropriate hairstyle is important for your uniqueness.

savePhoto: Sunita Divecha
Photo: Sunita Divecha



As advised by Anchal Kumar, unruly curls are the style of the 80s. It all began with the model Mika Arganyaras which took part in all the major wedding shows of Fashion Week in New York. She began to carry out both short hair and a haircut to her shoulders. And if you do not leave loose curls, then this is a great texture to any hairstyle collected.

savePhoto: Anchal Kumar
Photo: Anchal Kumar


Tousled waves are as after a dream. It is yet another fashion trend, already from the 90’s. According to Kulsum Parvez, you can quickly make a similar texture as using ploek and wet hair tied in an arbitrary beam. When the hair is dried up, untie the bundle and you cannot even comb strands. And this texture is a good basis for the hairstyle in rustic style.

savePhoto: Kulsum Parvez
Photo: Kulsum Parvez

Smooth the hair around the face

According to expert Sunita Divecha, this is a retro wave or wet hair effect when the strands are working on a texturizing agent, but do not touch the hair length. And you can twist the ends gently. On a smooth paste of the best large crystals, this would be a unique solution in the selection of right jewelry.

savePhoto: Anchal Kumar
Photo: Anchal Kumar


According to Avantika Kapur, hyper volume or greased back hair is still there on the podium, and a fairly large number of brides choose their hair styles in this style. Add micro corrugation on the root zone – and even if it is clear, it is not critical, and very fashionable!

savePhoto: Avantika Kapur Hair & Makeup Artist
Photo: Avantika Kapur Hair & Makeup Artist

Bangs are back in fashion. Torn or asymmetrical – for everyone! Try, experiment, and then you are sure to find a unique image! Also read How to organise a fabulous outdoor winter wedding

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