The 5 Biggest Secrets About Your Marriage That Nobody Should Know!

If you are one of those who does not keep secrets, loves to talk about her life, this post is for you! Telling every detail of what you do, especially at a time of your wedding, may end up causing you problems. Of course you are excited and probably anxious about your big day, but be careful choosing who gets to participate in the planning of your day. Also, it will be easier to surprise your guests if they do not know what you planned for the wedding.

Learn more about “Photo: Tarun Jha.”
Photo: Tarun Jha.

The songs

The songs of the ceremony are secrets to keep only between you and your partner and the band. Do you really think your guests want to know in advance whether they will dance? Surprise your guests with classic songs that they haven’t heard in years. Everyone will have to get up and dance!

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The details

Your wedding should be a surprise for your guests, so do not go around talking about every detail. Let the details surprise guests. If you decided not to hire a ceremonialist or adviser weddings to help you shape your dreams wedding, keep it between the two of you.

Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

The Menu

You do not need anyone to anticipate the menu of your wedding. Of course you should ask if any of your guests have any dietary restrictions, but that’s it. No one needs to know in advance what will they eat on your wedding day. Let them be surprised!

Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

The makeup and hairstyle

Your makeuphairstyle, wedding dress, and jewellery deserve to be kept strictly confidential until you start your walk towards the stage of your wedding. Keeping an element of surprise at this moment is fundamental.

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Photo: Chandni Singh makeup artist.
Learn more about “Photo: Tejasvini Chander makeup artist.”
Photo: Tejasvini Chander makeup artist.

How many days

Yes, we know you are counting the days to say ‘yes’ but most likely, you and your husband-to-be are anxious. Decide the date and let the invitation be the only information your guests receive regarding the big day.

Learn more about “Photo: Tarun Jha.”
Photo: Tarun Jha.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are your best friends in the preparation of your wedding. Be very careful with what you post on social networks during the planning phase. Post something about the marriage from time to time but not  too much. Don’t flood someone else’s timeline with posts that are not relevant.

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