The most professionals techniques for amazing wedding photos

As a professional photographer I’ve spent years listening to couples who want to not go out with awkward postures or having to pose for their wedding photographs and is therefore the trend in this sector photography is heading in a while in capturing the naturalness of the moment with a documentary tone. Photographer uses great skill in taking advantage of the natural light frames the most and getting the couple to appear in the image properly without twisting postures.

For a report on natural pose, there is no share of responsibility for photographer but there is another part that lies on the photographed couple. How can you get that wedding pictures are natural and that the couple appear at their best gesture? Let’s have a look at the advices given by our expert Lensight Photography

Photo: Lensight Photography

As first tip, you must select the professional photographer who works this photographic style. The spontaneous style or “mockumentary” involves the added difficulty to capture natural images of an event that only happens once. Therefore, choose the right wedding photographer and once you have, you can start practicing what we recommend below.

Quiet because it will be simple, soon you will know how to act as protagonists of your story and use these techniques to work out the pictures without being model, ie, posing naturally and not notice you’re posing.

Position on camera

It is referable to avoid the front position in front of the camera and positioned at an angle. Stand the weight to one hip also will create a curve in your figure. You can also try to get back and turn nearly as possible the waist to the camera. This position will give a touch of dynamism.

Photo: Lensight Photography

A smile please

Smiling always work, even though you may think that your smile is not pretty, studies say that the images that appear smiling faces are much more attractive. A wedding is a happy time making gestures of happiness are best suited. If you are the type that do not like to teach teeth, learn to smile with your eyes and with a natural facial expression.

Photo: Lensight Photography

Looks and facial expression

It is advisable not to look directly at the camera unless your photographer asks not to. The looks directed to addresses other than the target will sense that no photographer involved and make the image more natural. To carry out this technique, you can look at your partner or to some detail of the dress. You can also lose eyes in thoughtful mode or toward the horizon.

To look not tired you can perform simple exercises like close your eyes for a few seconds before the photographer do the photo shoot or fast flashing a moment to look back to a relaxed manner. You can also ask the photographer to count to three before firing the camera to prevent and close your eyes.

Photo: Lensight Photography

A technique acquired from the interpretation to have a good facial expression is something as simple as thinking about something nice, a nice thought to enlighten our eyes. Position the head at an angle, slightly favors turned to leave completely straight.

Hands and arms

What to do with your hands and arms is always a problem. To give solution are supplements and natural actions. If the report is used, have a wedding bouquet to give employment to one of your hands. As the groom can use the pockets to take a lighthearted approach. If you want to have arms along the body must be relaxed and with a soft stance flexion.

Photo: Lensight Photography

Move on

Avoid staying as a stick, for it you can perform some actions in which the photographer take the movement, we suggest a few. Make short walks naturally simulates actions like stroking the hair of your partner or your face, pretend that we’re combing or placing any of the accessories, tie, bouquet, ring, etc.

Photo: Lensight Photography

It is usual that when we stand waiting for the photographer to shoot your best framin,  our body go being gradually stiffer so we recommend that you occasionally make a strong move with your whole body to return to the more natural posture. Make turns, cross your legs or arms, put an arm around your waist, the case is moving from time to time.

Photo: Lensight Photography

Interaction with your surroundings

Interact with the environment around you, whether the location is in town or in a natural area. Lean on a tree, sit on a bench or a wall, put your hand on wheat or grass, greet wing people, talk with thinking with your partner, take a coffee on a terrace, all you can take advantage will be welcome and also give much play to the photographer.

Enjoy the story

See yourselves relaxed and have a good time during the shooting session that is the best advice. Deep breathing or have a relaxing infusion are no nonsense and almost should be mandatory for those moments when, we repeat, you have to let go and enjoy.

Photo: Lensight Photography

Realize a report of prewedding

Following these tips, you just have to practice a little bit in front of a mirror and put them into practice. An ideal place to practice them now is in reporting pre-wedding we always recommend doing as it is a very good opportunity to rehearse and to become acquainted with being is in front of a camera in addition to relax more for the wedding day and pose naturally as a true professionals.

Photo: Lensight Photography

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