The most stunning ideas to decorate your autumn wedding

Have an amazing Wedding this fall, and impress your guests so that they remember this throughout!

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Arches have been an intergral part of any Wedding ceremony. It never fails to look pretty with the flowers all over it! There are many styles for the same, and it is very difficult to choose one. There are a variety of components, which depend up on your imagination and the decorator as well. Without any doubt, the time of the year matters a lot, when you are you holding a Wedding.  You need to have the perfect clothes on, and the perfect jewellery on too, so that you are comfortable enough! Experts from Floris Events suggest the following for the decoration of the Weddings in the Fall.

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.



Candles are always a bliss to watch, as they never fail to give a soothing feeling. The candles seem even better when they have an essence in this. If you have this in your Wedding, there the entire venue can have an amazing fragrance. As we all know, in autumn, the weather is always a pretty pleasant. So, people who have dressed a bit too much might start feeling cold. These candles can help them keep warm as well, as this spreads a warm atmosphere!


Use the gifts of nature, that is leaves. Decorating the walls of the venue with the autumn leaves will be a bomb! Why not give people the proper essence of autumn in your Wedding? Having leaves all around will give them an amazing feel, and this can also add up to the decoration of  the venue. Leaves, that too dried leaves are always an amazing decoration.

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.


Having a Wedding in the middle of the trees this autumn can not get any hotter. This place is the best to organize a Wedding, as they give an amazing atmosphere. A venue like this in autumn is hard to find. It is a perfect option to have the ceremony in the middle of the trees, during the golden autumn. It is pretty easy to find a perfect location with the perfect tress and perfect atmosphere, for the ceremony to be held, with soft music and crumbled leaves.


As already discussed earlier, autumn has a very pleasant weather, and it turn out to be even more colder towards the late evening. Just so that the guests to feel uncomfortable and cold, it is better to be pre-planned about it. The best thing would be to have a fireplace, where the guests, as well as you can go an have a nice and warm experience. No one would want that their guests are uncomfortable, right?

Floral decoration

Floral decoration never bore us, no at what time of the year the Wedding is. They always run chills down our spine with the amazing fragrance, texture and look that we have! Knowing the best way to decorate the flowers, and choosing the perfect ones for the right occasion matters a lot as well.

savePhoto: Floris Events.
Photo: Floris Events.
savePhoto: Floris Events.
Photo: Floris Events.

Decoration on tress

Having a Wedding in the middle of the tress is something really amazing. But at times, it can be spooky as well. So to avoid the spookiness, you can light up the tress and hang photos of you and your fiance, and impress people with the idea of it. They can enjoy your Wedding, as enjoy the ambiance and your photographs as well. You can also refer to How to make your Wedding more interesting, and get more ideas about the same!


Lighting matters a lot, no matter what function it is. When it comes to the main day, the lighting can just can NOT go wrong in any way! This would not leave a good impression on the guests, and would also show the poor preparations that you have done in the Wedding. More than anything, you must concentrate on the lighting, and also make sure that every one is comfortable in the type of lighting that you choose. Remember, the lighting must not be too bright, nor too dim. It should be just perfect, that is soothing to the eyes!

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.

Dozens of people work on the image of the composition, and its installation. But what happens in the end is the incredible enthusiasm, a sense of universal beauty on the most touching day of your life, that is totally worth enjoying! If you are having your Wedding just after the fall, that is, in winters, then you can go through What to wear to a winter Wedding!

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