Top Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Shoes

Get ideas about everything from the wedding invitation, the decoration, and the event and of course, the biggest part, your wedding dress!

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During the months of wedding planning, you subconsciously open your mind to a world filled with imagination. About a thousand and one things will come rushing to your mind, and your to-do-list just keeps on increasing.  You start getting ideas about everything, from the wedding invitation, and the decoration, to the biggest part, your wedding dress. While you have so many big things to think about and plan, you are likely to forget about a minor yet important thing which is your ‘wedding shoes’. You may get an idea about how your wedding shoes should be but later you will have to think about it. It may appear to be a less significant thing but in reality, it is not. Your shoes will decide if you are comfortable in your outfit or not, your body posture, your walk and your complete bridal look for your big day.

savePhoto: Anchal Kumar
Photo: Anchal Kumar

Your wedding shoes may not be seen as much but do not underestimate how big of a difference they make.  As they are so significant, you must consider these few things when purchasing them.

The design

Shoes come into a vast variety of designs; stilettos, peep-toes, wedges, platform heels and flats, just to name a few. You can not just simply pick up one random design for yourself as the variety have been invented for different reasons. There is a distinct outfit that is to be worn depending on the type of shoe. You should choose the design of your shoe keeping in mind the design of your dress. Apart from that, do not go for a very corporate formal shoe as it will diminish your bridal look and will not compliment your wedding dress. Keep it a little fancy as the occasion demands it.

savePhoto: Christiana Louboutin New Delhi
Photo: Christiana Louboutin 


You have to focus on the colour of your footwear for obvious reasons. When you are deciding which colour should be worn with your dress, keep in mind that its colour does not outdo the outfit. This will firstly, look really bad and secondly, it will fade away the charm of your very designer dress that you have got for your big day. Pick a colour that is very light and complimentary, perhaps with some glitter. This can then come in handy for the future when your wear a range of different coloured outfits at your new families functions.

savePhoto: Christiana Louboutin New Delhi
Photo: Christiana Louboutin 


Now this is an important part. Choose your heels very wisely. Do not fall into the perception that high heels are going to be comfortable to wear with all style outfits. They are graceful undoubtedly but might not give you the perfect grace you are thinking of. If you are going to wear very high heels and your bridal dress is too heavy to handle in itself then your long heels will put you in trouble. You will be unable to manage your footwear and your outfit simultaneously and that can ruin the look.  You can go for platform heels or stilettos as they are comfortable when you wear heavy outfits.

savePhoto: Christiana Louboutin New Delhi
Photo: Christiana Louboutin 


When you buy usual shoes you always consider the comfort factor to start off with, this should also be the case when you’re wedding shoe shopping. Cross check carefully that your footwear is comfortable and that you can walk very confidently while wearing them. Also, new shoes give shoe bite so have a look at your shoe and mentally prepare yourself  for it.

savePhoto: Christiana Louboutin New Delhi
Photo: Christiana Louboutin 

All in all, your shoes should not just look good but also add grace and beauty to your complete look and for that you just need to ponder upon these points and you’ll surely be that stunning bride that you are!

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