Top 5 Unique Touches For Your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will have of your wedding. It’s purpose is not just to inform of date, time, and place, but also to get everyone excited for the joyous occasion. With many talented stationary and invitation designers out there, you can really get creative so that your invitations say something unique about you.

Here are 5 quirky yet sophisticated surprises or designs that you should include in your creative wedding invitation:

1. A Floral Box

Pretty floral boxes are the perfect way to send your wedding invitation. They can be filled with little keepsakes or information of your various ceremonies/events. This is a Spring/Summer trend for 2018 weddings, and usually involves intricate artwork by talented vendors such as Saraswati Card Emporium.

2. Luxury Dates or Chocolates

Why not treat every one of your guests with traditional stuffed dates or delicious chocolates? A wedding invitation doesn’t just need to be a piece of card. Including a gift like this will show how much you would appreciate the attendance of your loved ones.

We love these luxury gift bags and invitations by Entertainment Design Co. As well as dates or chocolates, with EDC you can also send seeds or a flower, so that every guest can nurture a beautiful plant in the lead up to your big day.

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Photo: The Entertainment Design Company
Learn more about “”
Photo: The Entertainment Design Company

3. Quirky Illustrations

Having graphic illustrations done especially for your wedding invitations adds a really personal and fun touch. You can send some photos of you and your family to certain companies, and they can create colourful cartoon versions of yourselves! These designs by Design Dimensions are particular favourites of ours.

4. Badges

‘Team Groom’ and ‘Team Bride’ badges are a great way to have some fun with your invitations, and are something your guests from both sides of the family can wear to your event and keep forever. With Design Tuk Tuk, you can customise special badges to be included in your funky invitations.

5. A Digital Version

In our technological age, an e-invitation is always a good idea. These can be sent via email as a substitute for invitations to guests all over the world. Or can be sent as a ‘Save The Date’ before the physical invitations get sent out. As well as being able to create unique wedding stationary, The Wedding Studio will also create a beautiful digital version for phones, tablets and computers!

And, of course, Zankyou is the leading platform for online wedding planning, So, if you want an easy-to-use way of letting your loved ones know the big news, create your free wedding website with Zankyou and get let your guests start planning what they’re going to wear to your big day as well as what they’re going to buy you!

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Photo: The Wedding Studio by Ohsoboho India
Learn more about “”
Photo: The Wedding Studio by Ohsoboho India

So, now you have no excuse not to be inspired to create unique and innovative wedding invitations to surprise your guests!

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