Top Wedding Photographers in Bangalore

If you’re planning your special day in Bangalore, then you’ll be wanting to find a talented photographer that will make all the careful organisation and investment worth it. A professional photographer will be able to capture all the special decoration, beautiful flowers, your stunning outfits and all the subsequent joy of a perfectly planned event in one artistic photo album that you can keep forever. Every laugh, tear, kiss, dance and unique moment will be preserved in time.

There are so many wedding photographers out there with different styles. So, to ease your search for the perfect person for the job, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 wedding photographers in Bangalore.

1. 1 Plus 1 Studio

For specifically candid wedding photography in Bangalore, then look no further than Manvi Gondotra of 1 Plus 1 Studio. She has mastered the craft of telling stories through photographic journalism, with over 5 years of experience. Manvi has been on hand to capture the unique memories of a wide variety of weddings, from destination weddings on the beach or in the forest, to backyard weddings at home. She has also worked with brands such as Peroo, French Connection and Lee as a fashion photographer.

Have this talented photographer capture your warm memories with a personal touch, you won’t regret it!

Photo: 1 Plus 1 Plus Studio
Photo: 1 Plus 1 Studio

2. Pooja Joseph Photography

Pooja Joseph found her life’s calling while she was shooting a friend’s wedding as a wedding gift, 6 years ago. Since then, she has been shooting weddings ever since, enabling couples to have artistic keepsakes to remember their special day. “It’s been a rollercoaster ride shooting weddings all over India!” exclaims Pooja. Her team always looks for the small and spontaneous moments during weddings, the ones that are easily missed, as these images will be the ones that couples cherish the most.

Photo: Pooja Joseph Photography
Photo: Pooja Joseph Photography

3. Coffee Stains

Coffee Stains are “fantasised by the mystery of colours, the poetry of emotions, the geography of the mind, ensuring the dance of reality-fantasy and fact-fiction is best documented.” You can be sure that with them, you’ll be the star of every creative composition. Have all the fun of your wedding day captured by this talented team!

Photo: Coffee Stains
Photo: Coffee Stains

4. Roma Ganesh Photography

Roma Ganesh is a postgraduate in professional photography from the prestigious Light and Life Academy, where she started in 2011. Roma was inspired by doing fun shoots with family and friends which then turned into an enjoyable full time career with a passion for what she does everyday. Her team will ensure you barely notice them during all the festivities of your wedding, while they work behind the scenes to capture all those special memories.

Photo: Roma Ganesh Photography
Photo: Roma Ganesh Photography

5. The Candid Theory

The Candid Theory capture all the beautiful, chaotic, and magical moments of your special day. Striving to create memories that last a lifetime, this team are proud to be a vital part of every wedding, and understand each one as unique. They work well according to your personal style and tastes. They will aim to tell your love story by highlighting the emotions and details that made your wedding day one of the most important days of your life!

Photo: The Candid Theory
Photo: The Candid Theory

6. PixelStory.In

PixelStory.In are a team of photographers founded by the couple Sudha and Mukesh. Both engineers, travelers, and foodies, working as a husband-wife team. They are professional wedding photographers with a mix of candid, photo-journalistic and fine-art approach.

Photo: PixelStory.In
Photo: PixelStory.In

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Photo: Chintu Pathak Photography.
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