Top 5 wedding videographers in Bengaluru

Clicking memories is now the thing of past. Videography is the future and what else could be asked for other than your own wedding movie going on in front of your kids years later,

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The Wedding is not only a day but it is a bundle of happiness which will be staying there for your whole life. Once you are done with your wedding and after years when you look at the photographers smiling and recollecting all your beautiful memories. Isn’t it wonderful to see all your amazing memories moving in front of your eyes! Yes, I am talking about videography. Here is the list of top best wedding videographers in Bengaluru. Go for the best!


Fotoshaadi- Visit Web

Fotoshaadi is a team of creative minds trying to make your wedding an experience to be relished. Fotoshaadi is based in Bangalore, India and cover weddings throughout the Indian Sub Continent. Their team consists of experienced wedding photographers, designers, wedding filmers and editors. Their vision is to improve the wedding experience of couples everywhere with innovative services and consistent delivery in a professional way. Visit Web


Working as a husband-wife team, is self-proclaimed, self-taught passionate professional photographers, with a candid, contemporary and an offbeat approach. who are specialized in the field of Candid wedding photography and Cinematography. style is a mixture of candid and journalistic photography. Being avid people photographers, they typically focus on capturing candid moments and emotions that are found aplenty during weddings. Their passion for capturing the human emotions drove them to the profession of candid wedding photography. They love to create natural looking, emotional filling, story driven, creative portraiture from the wedding events that will last forever.

We Capture Moments- Visit Web

We Capture Moments, for you to cherish for the lifetime. They don’t leave any stone upturned to depict the beautiful story behind your most significant day. Wedding Photography is one of the most exciting events to document. Love, laughter, joy, tears everything. Their aim is to frame each fraction of them. The team of We Capture Moments works rigorously to infuse photographs with unique style and creativity. They have spread their wings across pre-wedding, wedding shoots, birthdays, indoor shoots, ceremonies and anything that is a valuable experience in someone’s lives.

SZ Photo & Films- Visit Web

SZ Photo & Films is a team of India’s top cinematographers, specializing in creative wedding cinematography. It has been a long journey for them into the world of Wedding Cinematic Art & Films, which is all amazing, creative, exciting and unique. SZ Photo & Films believe that what they capture, will last for generations to come and the story will be told for years. They love to gather the details filled with emotion, passion, love, laughter and tears. SZ Photo & Films goal is always to create films that would surprise their clients and give them a little more than what they expected, are unique and artistic.

An Indian wedding is more like a movie, therefore a simple video film will not be able to capture the full essence of it. It has to be a cinematographic approach to have the wedding videos looking beautiful as if it is recorded like a movie. SZ Photo & Films will be perfect wedding photography and videography company in your wedding with a vast experience under its belt. Their wedding films will capture the details, color and make a story which will be unique to you.

Anup J Kat Photography- Visit Web

Anup is the chief optimist of design agency, his encounter with photography was pure chance. He enjoys shooting, not just great pictures but fantastic memories. Anup J Kat Photography knows very well that how important your wedding is for you, it is not only a ceremony but a life-changing moment for one. So celebrate your amazing day with your loved ones. Get your wedding shot by Anup J Kat Photography and relive your memories in your future!

We all love movies and stories but what we love the most is when we see our own movie going on! This can be perfect for refreshing all your golden memories!

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