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Filming a Wedding takes us to a new venue in a new part of the country, filled with new and interesting people, challenges and a couple on the happiest day of their life – and we have the honor of being the people that capture it all for them. We produce something that will be watched for years and years to come, potentially by their children and their children’s children. And that is a truly special thing. Here are the best wedding videographers in Mumbai with us. So check this out and be a celebrity in your wedding film!

WeddingNama- Visit Web

WeddingNama, the team that specializes in luxury weddings is a trendsetter in the industry. Adding an artistic touch to all their photos and videos, the shots are always personalized.  Ankita and Akash, founders of WeddingNama see beauty in things that might get unnoticed but their knack for details makes them capture moments at the perfect nanosecond- be it a stolen kiss or the eyes doing the talking! Each shoot is customized as per the couple, their likes, dislikes, characteristics, and personalities. The one feature that makes them unique is Namagraphy, where they conduct psychometric tests to understand the couples better and know their preferences for the shoot. When they deliver the final output, couples feel that everything has been made especially for them and that it could not have been any other way! Anyone watching their films will feel like they have just attended the wedding. They are the team who covered Nishka Lulla’s wedding last year which went absolutely viral, Nishka’s entry on the boat was absolutely breathtaking. They also won the GIWA award for the best wedding video 2016 (Gold) for their film ‘Just Gonna Hold You’ shot in Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner. Or the pre-wedding film they made in Ladakh, it was complete with custom music for the couple!

The Photo Diary- Visit Web

Photo Diary with over 3 years of experience in the videography field, Monisha Ajgaonkar’s “The Photo Diary” captures breathtaking videos with finesse. Their attention to detail and eye to weave beautiful wedding stories is a skill not many can match. They specialize not only in wedding videography but take excellent candid photographs too. Having shot weddings from Sri Lanka, Dubai to Phuket and Bangkok, “The Photo Diary” is clearly one of the best videography companies in Mumbai.”

Candid Wedding Stories- Visit Web

Candid Wedding Stories is a team of professional photographers & cinematographers who work artistically to offer flawless Photography & Cinematography Services to their clients. They use the best in class up-to-date latest photography & cinematography equipment. They love weddings, they love being that pair of eyes, that captures the little details that might otherwise go unnoticed. They get to see the bride’s anxiety while getting ready, a mother’s proud eyes watching her daughter put on her dress, a father’s blessing, a groom’s nervousness and finally, the joyful calm a couple radiates once they are reunited at the altar. Every single moment is just spectacular, and they make sure that all memories to be captured forever so whenever they see the images they should feel like it’s their wedding day and bring smile and laugh on their face.

Knotty Affairs by Namit and Vipul- Visit Web

Although Namit Narlawar and Vipul Snagilkar are computer engineers, it was their passion that drove them towards photography to look at the beautiful world through the lens. To begin with, they were initially involved in fashion and children portfolio shots and candid shots too. they never had plans to become a wedding photographer, it just happened to them. When they realized that their real passion was photography they left their IT job and started working on their own. “A photographer is complete when others can see the picture through their eyes”. their photography is all about preserving memories by capturing those rare moments and presenting them in the way they look at them. They have covered more the 90+ weddings and 55+pre weddings in past 2 and half years. A wedding evokes happy, emotional and funny instances so they love capturing a combination of it all for their clients so they can relive those special moments with a nostalgic smile when they look through their pictures even after ten or fifteen years of marriage.” This video is shot by Surya Singh and Vishu Singh under Knotty Affairs by Namit and Vipul.


WhatKnot- Visit Web

WhatKnot is a team of people who are dedicated to creating and capturing the happy moments of couples on their big day. Their motto has been plain and simple! Every wedding speaks a unique story. With specialization in contemporary and candid wedding photography, they travel across the country for varied events related to couples such as weddings, sangeet, haldi, engagements and so on. Their base city being Mumbai, their most recent travels have been to Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Nagpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi etc.

Say Cheeze- Visit Web

Niklesh Malkani’s, flexible shooting style, look and approach when shooting weddings is what makes him and his team unique.’Say Cheeze Photography’, his company was started 15 years back in 1998. The studio specializes in weddings, babies, maternity and families. Niklesh opened the studio with two goals in mind: To create artistic portraits of people, and to give his clients a unique experience that will be remembered and cherished for generations. Portraits of the bride and groom are approached with a modern and editorial style while the ceremony and reception have a more photo-journalistic approach. They know how to create compelling images that evoke the emotion and meaning that already exists. His soft-spoken nature allows people to open their homes and families to him so he can get the kinds of up close and personal images he strives for. He pays close attention to color, form, and light, which complement the expressiveness of his subjects. This is his signature style, which is consistent throughout his work.

After watching your wedding film, you will be able to relive your wedding and see it the way your guests did, feeling all of the emotions you felt that day over and over again.

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