Ways to decorate your home on Diwali

Decorate your house with the best decorations this Diwali, and impress the guests!

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As we all know, cleaning up the house is a really essential and main part before Diwali arrives. With the festival around the corner, every body would be busy cleaning the house, and thinking about how to decorate it, so that it looks the best when people come over to wish! Decorating the house for Diwali is a really creative and exciting task, as it involves contribution from every one in the family, which is not possible always. Dheeraj from Reels and Frames Photography gives us ideas about what could be the decorations that you can use this Diwali.

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.


A rangoli is the most fun part of a Diwali decoration. The artist in the people comes out while making it. The size of the rangoli does not matter, but the love with which it was made, does. A rangoli is the design that is made with different color powders at the entrance of the house, which makes the entrance of the guests very colorful and peaceful. You can be really creative with the rangoli designs that you are making, and can also all diya’s, colorful pots, lights, and what not.

Diya decoration

This is one of the most prettiest decorations of this festival. You get earthen pots at every end of the road, when it is the festive season. You can buy these from there, get them home, and start painting them the way you want them to! You can add your choice of paints, glitters, kundan pieces, and whatever you feel like, so that they do not fail to look pretty. You can decorate them the way you like, and light up your place with them! This can also give out a romantic feeling, and this soothes the atmosphere!

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

Diwali lights

With the Diwali lights all around, people automatically have the sense of festivity! You always have a variety of lights to choose from, when it comes to these things. There are different types of lights that are available in the market that don’t just vary in colors, but also vary in sizes, types and shapes. Being unique this Diwali can be an eye-catcher for the people who visit your place for the greetings.

Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are very easy-to-make decorative ideas. You can follow the oriental style of paper lantern this festive season for an exotic and delicate, yet a beautiful decoration. They can either be hand-made, or you can purchase them from the market. They can be hung any where and every where, like in the veranda, balcony, rooms, entry doors, and every corner of the house. They have a very soothing texture with dim lights, which have an all new look in them! Paper lanterns can be fun to make if you are making with the one you love, as it brings people closer, and this festival always gives out happy vibes.

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

Holy decoration

In Diwali, the most essential thing that one has to do, is a Diwali Pooja, right? For this, just like how you clean your house, you need to clean the Pooja room as well. Getting new clothes for your holy-figures, decorating them well, washing them properly, and many more things are essential before you start the Pooja. You get many dresses for the holy-figures, and just like your place, you can decorate the Pooja room in a colorful way. You can also get small holy-figures from the market and place them at different places of your house, so that you get the festival feel every now and then!


With all the decorations happening around, you just can not miss the fragrance of your house! To give a better touch to the decoration, you can spread the fragrance from your potpourri to your entire house for a better environment. You can place potpourri’s of different flavors all around the house, so that there are different fragrances at every corner that you visit. These are easily available in the market, or you can also make them at home by yourself.

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

These Diwali decorations can either be purchased from the market near your place, or you can make them yourself as well. They are very easy to make, and self-made products are always appreciated by people anyway. If you want to keep the kids busy, then you can very well hand them over these projects, so that you can do the other things in peace. Lights are the most important part in Diwali, so do NOT forget to put them up, as they bring happiness in your life. Floral decoration would also look amazing, if you put them up with the other decorations at your place!

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