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Ways to have a stress free Wedding week

Wedding weeks are always hectic. Find out how you can have a stress free Wedding week, so that you can be the most beautiful Bride!

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If your Wedding is round the corner, then there are high chances of you being really stressed out. But, this has a lot of negative aspects, that might not make you look the way your are, on your Wedding day. Being stressed takes away all the glow from your face, and leaves back the dirty dull skin, and you obviously would not want that to happen. Niyati Shah says, “Having a stress free Wedding week makes you look even more beautiful, that would make you look amazing in photographs!” She also says, “To-be-Brides should avoid last minute major beauty treatments, as they tend to make their skin quite sensitive to makeup products.”

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Get a comfortable outfit

Getting a comfortable outfit for your special day automatically brings down the stress level that you have been having. This is one of the main reasons why people actually get stressed up during the Wedding season. You can try out Tarun Tahiliani’s outfits to have a better idea about what you really want from the massive collection there. Once the outfit is decided, the other things that would be complimenting it would get through very easily, and in a better way!

savePhoto: Tarun Tahiliani.
Photo: Tarun Tahiliani.

Have some you-time

You really need to give time to yourself before you get married, as once you are married, there would be a burden of responsibilities that would be up on you, and you will not be able to spend some time with yourself then. This would not just make you feel happy, but give you inner peace as well, and divert your mind from every thing that has been going on around. Know about how to keep your skin healthy on your Wedding day, to look your best!

Book a makeup artist

The main tension that a Bride has on her Wedding day once she is set with her Wedding outfit, is the make-up. No Bride would want to go in front of hundreds of people with bad make-up on her face. This would just bring every one down. To avoid having such tensions at the last moment, make sure that you book a make-up artist well in advance, so that there is no end moment rush. You can contact Mahima Bhatia, a professional photographer, so that the photos turn out to be amazing and you have great memories of your big day. Getting a professional booked would not just make you look spectacular, but also make sure that you are not stressed up regarding the same.

savePhoto: Niyati Shah.
Photo: Niyati Shah.

Get enough sleep

To look amazing on your Wedding day and to have a glowing skin, you need to make sure that you get enough sleep. This would reject all sorts of things like dark circles, spots and dull skin to go away from you, and make the amazing skin stick to your body. Good sleep is very essential for the Bride-to-be as this would keep you fresh on your Wedding day, and away from all the worries and over-thinking! Stay happy and stress free while planning your Wedding, so that you can have an amazing one!

Hire a Wedding planner

The best way to have an amazing and stress free Wedding week, is to hire a Wedding planner, who would take care of all the arrangements of your special day. This would not just help you, but also make sure that you are fine till the special day arrives. You can contact The Forth Event Management for an amazing work on your Wedding. This would keep you away from all the worries and tensions that you would have had, and keep the glow of your skin intact!

savePhoto: The Forth Event Management.
Photo: The Forth Event Management.

Be done with the jewellery selection

Another best way to keep away from all the worries is to be done and dusted with the selection of the jewellery that you would be wearing on your Wedding day with your amazing outfit. Having the last minute rush for selecting the jewellery would just make you select every thing in a hurry, which might result in a bad selection of the same. You can check out the jewellery of Jem Palace Jewellers for an amazing Bridal collection!

savePhoto: Jem Palace Jewellers.
Photo: Jem Palace Jewellers.

These tips would not just help you have a stress free Wedding week, but also make sure that you have an amazing day at your Wedding, with the amazing glow on your face, and a free mind. This would not make you think about the things going on, instead, make you enjoy on your very special day, that you would never want to forget and always remember through out the lifetime. There are many ways to make your guests happy at your Wedding. Find out what they are!

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