Wedding trends 2017: 12 Keys to a modern celebration

Select the best Wedding trends in 2017, to make your Wedding the best among the guests!

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As the time is passing by, modern things are moving in really fast. 2017 is just on its way, and so are the new trends that would make the Wedding even more fun and sensual. The guests would have a lot of fun in the Weddings in the up-coming year, and would not forget these experiences through out. Dheeraj from Reels and Frames Photography tells us about a few modern celebration Wedding Trends, that have been taken up by the people rapidly.

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

1. Sensual Bride

As far as the Wedding dress is concerned, the striking bare-backs with stunning details and amazing designs is just something every one would go mad over. These highlight the flowing dresses with light fabrics that give an elegant touch to the Bridal look, and lace that fuses with the skin, called the tattoo effect. You will be the queen of your big day, and you will definitely look elegant and sensual like never before!

2. Shoes-Jewellery

To complete the Bridal look, the perfect choice is a gem, and what better to take it on shoes. It does not matter if they are stilettos, width, half-height, or sandal anklets. All you need to do is, choose the best footwear that would go just fine with your Wedding outfit, so that it does not look like a mess, and look really mis-matched as well. Same is the case with the jewellery that you would have to choose. Choose something that you like, and something that would go really well with your Wedding dress. Select the footwear and jewellery in such a manner, that they don’t just shine on your special day, but otherwise as well.

3. Hair braids

As for the hairstyles, braids can be the major player, either collected, or Wedding hairstyles with hair down. They are perfect for any style of Wedding and favor a lot, as the braids are your greatest allies. Hair braids go with any attire, may it be Wedding, or any thing else. If you are really confused about what kind of a hairstyle you want on your Wedding, then you can go for hair braids. There is not just one kind of a hair braid, but there are many other types as well, so you have a variety to choose from, if you are confused as to what kind of style you want to wear on your hair.

4. Ceremony in an unusual place

The spectacular places that will set the trend as the backdrop of Weddings in 2017, that can include natural spaces overlooking the sea and mountains, ancient palaces, impressive terraces, or different spaces, such as old factories, which is definitely one of the most unusual and unique place to get married in, and surprise the guests who are going to attend the Wedding with the great and unique idea.

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

5. Drinks

Indian Weddings are totally incomplete without the drinks. Drinks don’t always mean alcoholic drinks. There are many other beverages like mock-tail, cold drinks, shakes, juices, and what not that come under the category of drinks. The important attention would be to the details of the Wedding and the guests that would be attending it. If you put up drink stalls, the guests can beat the heat of the moment, and can also enjoy the amazing cocktails and mock-tails, while they wait for the arrival of the Bride.

6. Emotional speeches

One of the emotional things other than the ‘vidai’ in the Wedding are the emotional speeches given by the family and friends of the Bridal couple. These speeches lets out the feelings of the people who are emotionally attached with them, and show as to how attached to the Bride and the Groom, and about how much they love them as a couple, and individually as well.

7. Decorative styles

When it comes to the decoration of the ceremony, the main thing that one should take care of is the elegance, may it be an indoor event, or an outdoor event. The decoration styles also impresses the guests, and this helps in making you more successful at the decoration part, and the guests would talk about your Wedding for days! The better the decoration of the Wedding, the better the impression on the people who are going to attend it.

8. Funny feast

Catering is a really important part when it comes to any event, and not just Weddings. People always look forward to food, when it comes to the Indian guests especially. It is not just the food that is enough, but the presentation of it as well. Generally, there are stalls where the food is served when it comes to Indian Weddings. But as the time is passing by, food trucks are also coming up, and they will be pretty famous by the year 2017, which is not far away!

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

9. Center tables and hangings

Choose light-colored tablecloths combined with the center pieces, for which you can choose flowers of your taste, and also, vintage items. These tables can be the center of attraction for the guests who would come to attend your Wedding, and can also impress them with such floral and vintage ideas.

10. Charming corners

To make your Wedding more interesting, you can have special corners in the venue, for special things. Those things can include the signing table, the photo-booth with amazing properties, for the people to hang around, and there are many more options to choose from. The important thing is that, the time you spend at the ceremony would be fun, and it would be a great experience and memory for you and your guests.

11. Solidarity details

If you are spending too much to make your Wedding memorable, you would not spending a little more, right? If you are trying your level best to impress and make your guests feel really special, then why not give them something too, to make them even more special. For the male guests, you can go for bow or tie, and wallets, and for the female guests, you can go for beautiful ear rings, bracelets and rings.

12. Open bar theme

After the ceremonies, every body will have a great time at the party that would last until the wee hours of the morning. To do this, try not missing spaces at the photo-call where every one can be photographed and you can have the memories. But to get the best memories, you need to organize a bar that is open to one and all, so that they can enjoy a lot and bring out the elements for the memories.

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

You can organize an evening Wedding, which is possibly one of the best ideas. There are many reasons to organize an evening Wedding, so that the guests can enjoy a lot, and most importantly, you can enjoy the most too.

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