Wedding vocabulary: 31 concepts you need to know

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The world changes, the Earth rotates and nothing escapes this swing, even weddings yeah! they have been transformed in such a spectacular way that no one has ever imagined and is developing day by day. The celebrations of yesteryear did their function and not too complicated life. Today, however, this universe follow other rules, much more sophisticated and with a language line, away from that our mothers and grandmothers used. Weddings are real shows, as varied and rich as a treasure chest. If you raise your kid marry soon, maybe you come well serve this new vocabulary, mostly from English. Before the darkness, nothing like discovering the light of knowledge. Plan your wedding with our experts Exotic Indian weddings and be ready for an astonishing trendy dream wedding.

savePhoto: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

General Organization and other concepts

First look: special moment when the bride and groom are for the first time just before the ceremony and alone, with the only presence of a photographer who does not lose detail of those unique moments. That first impression, full of gestures and unrepeatable sensations, honors the expression first look.

Wedding Planner: professional organization responsible / to advise, monitor and tune the most important (and most dramatic) aspects of the wedding. His industry experience, knowledge of suppliers and standard protocol studies allow controlled organization of the wedding. You can sleep peacefully. Don’t forget to see The Presidential Table: Who can sit With Bride and Groom.

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