Wedding vocabulary: 31 concepts you need to know

The world changes, the Earth rotates and nothing escapes this swing, even weddings yeah! they have been transformed in such a spectacular way that no one has ever imagined and is developing day by day. The celebrations of yesteryear did their function and not too complicated life. Today, however, this universe follow other rules, much more sophisticated and with a language line, away from that our mothers and grandmothers used. Weddings are real shows, as varied and rich as a treasure chest. If you raise your kid marry soon, maybe you come well serve this new vocabulary, mostly from English. Before the darkness, nothing like discovering the light of knowledge. Plan your wedding with our experts Exotic Indian weddings and be ready for an astonishing trendy dream wedding.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

General Organization and other concepts

First look: special moment when the bride and groom are for the first time just before the ceremony and alone, with the only presence of a photographer who does not lose detail of those unique moments. That first impression, full of gestures and unrepeatable sensations, honors the expression first look.

Wedding Planner: professional organization responsible / to advise, monitor and tune the most important (and most dramatic) aspects of the wedding. His industry experience, knowledge of suppliers and standard protocol studies allow controlled organization of the wedding. You can sleep peacefully. Don’t forget to see The Presidential Table: Who can sit With Bride and Groom.

Do It Yourself (DIY) philosophy by which the couple are responsible for working out the details, both large and small, that will make your wedding special, through manual creations using original products, recycled or refurbished.

Save the date: literally translated from English means “Save the Date” and is an extra invitation to use months before it is sent. Indeed, save the date consists of a brief announcement of the wedding and the date chosen for it. It is done informally, with fun handwritings and drawings. A clear and direct message that serves to start with the organization of tables and avoid trouble in the future.

Bouquet: small bouquet of flowers, in addition to the function of the bouquet at a wedding, is conceived as a product of floral art, fruit of combinations, colors and different meanings.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Style and fashion Vintage:

Sophisticated styling result of the conversion and reuse of fashion, accessories and concepts from previous decades. The products considered classics return and settle in the most modern, closely linked to the cultural field environments.

Minimal: a style of XXI century, where less is more and simplicity achieves elegance and class. So sober compositions include, without frills and basic colors, both dresses and wedding details.

Rustic chic: sophisticated blend of rural life and all its aesthetic characteristics from the typical useful to the design of the atmosphere, with elegance and good taste of modernity. It is to appreciate and give a twist to the concept of country life.

Boho: is a harmonious combination of motives, and hippies, ethnic, vintage, bohemians and rural elements, all immersed in a world of peace and highly spiritual relaxation. It is no wonder, therefore, that emphasize their long and light clothes, many of them on the fly, reinforced bags, scarves and hats Style House on the Prairie. This nomenclature is also used to refer to the style of a wedding in general.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Trendy: modern, current, fashionable, located on the shelf of trends. The last, which is carried is called trendy in these areas.

Midi: skirt cut just below the knee.

Tatoo effect: printing that causes the fine lace adorning dresses in contact with skin. The apparent result, with an added class is a fine and delicate tattoo, an extension of the dress through the body.

Halter: type of dress that rises to the neck and gently tied around the neck, leaving shoulders, collarbone and back into the air. A feminine and sophisticated look, ideal for brides who want to feel particularly elegant.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Paragraph culinary and sweets

Recena: appetizer consumed during or after the dance at weddings, in recent times both sweet but also savory. Come phenomenal all your hungry guests.

Food corner: small self-service food stalls where you can enjoy all kinds of food. They noted for its informal side, but are well on all types of weddings as interesting counterpoint.

Food trucks: a famous trend in the most original of recent years weddings. Through trucks, vans or trucks full of food, simulating the fast food (but with a much higher quality), this idea from the United States complete the cocktail, it stars many recenas and serves as the main menu in intimate weddings and you lighthearted.

Candy bar: as candy available throughout the nuptial event is usually a hit during the final party. In it, you can find cookies (mainly butter, similar to typical Christmas in the US), sweets, cakes, muffins, cupcakes and other inventions events planned for these features. A sweet bite to soothe the night hungry.

Photo Source: Chetana Bakes
Photo Source: Chetana Bakes

Molecular cocktails: through deconstruction of ingredients, cocktails always appear as small areas to be exploited in the mouth to discover their mysterious charms. This invention arises due to the molecular technique, by which the original form is changed products and creating new experiences regarding texture and flavors.

Naked cakes: cake ever, without artifice or coatings that prevent see inside his heart. A sweet without visual surprises yet keeps its attractiveness in the excellence of its flavors. A modern classic, no doubt.

Cupcakes: small cupcakes with bright colors, flavors and attractive curious reasons. Ideal for gourmands hipsters.

Photo Source: For the love of cake
Photo Source: For the love of cake

Macarons: type of French sweet ideal for filling the carts Recena. A macaron is a cookie-based egg whites, ground almonds, icing sugar and sugar produced in different colors and flavors.

Cake pops: Sweet with forms of Chupa Chups made with sponge cake, butter, chocolates and a myriad of flavors and toppings (dressings, usually ice cream or yogurt), in addition to brighten the palate, pose a great visual claim for their colors and shapes .

Cookies: traditional chocolate chip cookies that should not be missed as a snack during the dance.

Fondant: pasta used in pastry to decorate cakes, cookies and biscuits.

Cake toppers: always an element of rebranded with the Anglo-Saxon nomenclature. It is neither more nor less than Snowmen pie. Today, these design includes a large number of possibilities.

Additional features

Photocall: small decorated simulating place perched on red carpets. You also are stars and I demand that “bear all” in that place, you may be boyfriends or guests.

Scrapbooking: technique used to make fun photo albums, with a manual touch, to provide that degree of charm and innocence that only your own hands and imagination. Scope out the artist in you!

Photo booth: pack of accessories (hats, mustaches, bow ties, ties, pipes …), some cardboard, great to make nonsense in the photocall and ultimately, at any time of the final party.

Photo Source: Classic Designer Wedding Cards and Stationary
Photo Source: Classic Designer Wedding Cards and Stationary

Lettering: use hand calligraphy to decorate invitations, save the date or notes to appear or be spread throughout the day. Sometimes it is accompanied by illustrations made with great care and art.

Beauty corner: one supplied with everything needed to retouch the makeup and hairstyle bride and guests at any time of the celebration.

Trash the dress: postboda session video or photo that the couple have complete freedom of action, as the celebration is behind us and the clothes are not going to be reused (if applicable). Therefore, during this session, it may be anything from mess with the dress in a river to skydive with costumes positions. Put on gamberra!

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Given the times, it is best to let go and jump on the bandwagon of modernity, which usually does not happen twice. A wedding full of trend sounds amazing Isn’t it! Also see A Technological Wedding: Welcome to the Future!. We also left some tips for you to try at your wedding and thus leave your guests with their mouths open, because you also don’t wanna left any stone unturned yeah!

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