What does a Bride remember while leaving her home?

There are many things that a Bride goes through, when she leaves her home after marriage. Find out what they are!

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There are no doubt many emotions that a Bride goes through during the vidai, because she has that feeling some where in her that after that day, she is going to be a part of another family, and remembers a few things since her childhood. There are mixed emotions in her, that comes out in the form of tears. Every thing that she has done and experienced till now flashes back right in front of her, that makes her cry even more! Paramveer from Our Wedding Chapter Photography tells us more about what are the things that a Bride remembers after the marriage, that makes her flow litres of tears on the day she should be really happy!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

The house itself

When a Bride knows that she would be living in an entirely unknown house after the marriage, then the thought of it would obviously make her feel a bit emotional, as she would definitely miss her own house, where she has grown up! Living in a place for so many years, and then leaving it all of a sudden to shift in a new place is obviously not as easy as it sounds, or look like. A house where she ruled over, with her every day visits, would now be a place where she would be visiting once in a while, like a visitor. This fact is not easy to digest, and is very hard to get over new things really fast. It would take time for her to settle down, but later every thing would be just normal.

Father’s unconditional love

Girls are always Daddy’s Daughters. Being a Daddy’s little girl, a Bride is now ready to take up new responsibilities of an unknown and a new family. Indian families being really big, there are bigger responsibilities to take care of! Being a Daddy’s little girl, she knew that what ever happened, her Father was there right next to her, supporting her in every thing that she does. She is obviously going to miss the unconditional love from her Father, which is going to make her even more emotional on her special day!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Over-pampering of the Mother

Mothers always make sure that their kids are pampered enough, and that they have every thing that they have ever wanted. She would go out of the way to make sure that you are comfortable enough with any thing and every thing that is going on. A Mother is no doubt a back-bone of a Daughter’s life. The thought of not being sure whether she would get pampered the same way or not, would definitely make any Bride cry on the day when she is supposed to be the most happiest person, as she is going to marry the love of her life.

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Love and hate relationship with the siblings

There is no body in this world who would never fight with their siblings. If they get a chance, they would kill each other for the smallest of the small things. But at the same time, siblings are the ones who are there for each other, and love each other unconditionally. They are not just siblings, but each other’s best friends as well. Any thing happens, they would be the first thing to know! This is no doubt going to be missed by the Bride, as she is going to leave her essentials of her life, and her partner-in-crime back home. Now, the conversations would not always be with a bucket of popcorn, or a box of tissue, but through the mobile phones, that can never stop them to share things from each other!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

The family time

Once a Bride gets married, she would obviously not get back the same family time that she used to have before, as she would not keep visiting her house often. On top of that, even if she comes back to the house, she would not be the same person any more, as the maturity level would have been increased with the burden of responsibilities on her. But still, she would be happy enough to see her family back, and would never fail to miss the time with her loved ones. Spending some quality time with her family is definitely something that a Bride would miss, and get emotional about.

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Vidai is something that brings tears to the Bride who thinks she would NOT cry on her Wedding day. But the situation itself becomes so emotional, that even the strongest lady can not stop her tears! After all, why wouldn’t she have tears? She is going to start a new phase of her life, but also remember the old phase. You can also refer to the 10 Best moments about your Wedding, so that you know what you need to look out for, on your Wedding day!

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