Why happy couples hardly post on social media

Love is a feeling which is shared by two souls and there is no point sharing it with anybody else.

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Once upon a time, we secured our teenage relationship with a paper note. But now that we are in the era of Facebook and selfies, our relationships have changed to the sound of this song. Share the happiness of being the happy couple with L Opera India. Now, it is becoming increasingly common to frequently publish data about the relationship (and life). Apparently if you’re not online, your love does not exist. If you think about social media, these have become the modern equivalent to the city square. A place where announcements are made, information is published and communities are united about shared experiences.

savePhoto: Uday Tours and Travels Pvt .Ltd
Photo: Uday Tours and Travels Pvt .Ltd

The concept is the same then: share the parts of our lives with those who are not immediately close to us, and therefore are not able to see some parts of our daily lives.Actually, there’s nothing wrong with this. However, social media has an additional layer of nuances, since there is a supplement (if not a projection) of our identity, connection, and self-esteem. Thanks to social networks we can reconstruct an image of ourselves and quantify love, or care, to finally start measuring and comparing our social position. It should come as no surprise that we end up addicted to the excitement of likes. Go on a secret holiday planned by Uday Tours and Travels Pvt .Ltd and tell no one about it.

savePhoto: Uday Tours and Travels Pvt .Ltd
Photo: Uday Tours and Travels Pvt .Ltd

If you want to know how someone wants the world to see it, look no further than the patterns of their use of social media. This is never more true (or interesting, to be honest) than when it comes to their most intimate relationships. While it is normal and even healthy, to be proud and to publish about who you are dating, there is, at the same time, a clear connection between the content of a relationship and the frequency with which it is published about it. Research shows that people who use less social media are generally happier overall. Depression is linked to excessive use of social media, due to the theory of social comparison. The use of social media is also commonly associated with poor mental health. And go on and on. Go out on a romantic dinner at Park Regis and even happier.

savePhoto: L Opera India
Photo: L Opera India

When you are satisfied with your life or your relationship, you usually do not think of taking photos or forgetting to feed your social media. It’s not that you’re usually obsessed with it, but when you’re particularly happy, why are you going to want to be distracted by a computer screen? Your relationship validates you, so you do not need to look for that external feeling. You have nothing to prove. Read about these 6 Aspects of Your Love Life You Shouldn’t Share on Social Media

savePhoto: Uday Tours and Travels Pvt .Ltd
Photo: Uday Tours and Travels Pvt .Ltd

Your joy lies in being together, not in publishing about being together. And it’s not that you cannot post some happy time with your partner. But, usually, the reiteration hides insecurity, or the need to reaffirm itself. And if you really love someone and someone loves you, you do not need anything more than that. Propose to your beloved one with a very special ring designed by Arnav Design.

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