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How To: Achieve the Nude Make-up Look - Beauty Secrets From Our Brand Ambassadress, Namrata Soni

Read now on how to achieve the 'no makeup makeup look', also referred to as the nude makeup look. A great look for any classic bride who wants to break the traditional norm and go au natural.

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Our brand ambassadress is back again with another beauty secret. Today the renowned and talented make-up artist tells us how to achieve the ‘no makeup makeup look’, also referred to as the nude makeup look. A great look for any classic bride who wants to break the traditional norm and go au natural.

Now whilst this may be the most difficult look to achieve, it can look beautiful when  mixed with the right shades of bronze and gold, and if used correctly, ‘every single women can look just outstanding’ says Soni. This unique yet simple look can be worn on your wedding day, to really help accenuate the natural features.  An important tip according to Soni, is to moisturise your skin and add a bit of shimmer in your moisturiser to help you achieve a beautiful glow.

Soni starts by preping the skin and adding some chocolate brown eye shadow to the eyes. She then applies some mascara to lengthen the lashes. Top tip: use a non water proof mascara to help create the natural look, this avoids any clumpy lashes, and also washes off with great ease. She later goes on to enhance the cheeckbones by adding some blush. For this look ‘we keep the makeup very fresh and light’ says Soni. The key here is to enhance the key features of the skin and face by adding a bit of gold and bronze to the skin. Soni recommends using a light reflecting powder, as this helps any under eye puffiness disappear and look appealing to the naked eye and even in front of the camera on your big day.

The second to last step is to select the lip colour. Now the best lip colour to compliment this look is a creamy, rose nude colour. Why? you my ask, this popular shade gives just the right tint of pink, and really helps create the natural look. Top tip: is to dab it on instead of sweeping it on, to further help create the au natural look.

Finally, a great way to complete this look is by letting your hair loose down, allowing each curl and strand to fall into its natural place. A great look for any ceremony leading up to your big day!

So guys, there you have it – With this video, you can rock the ‘no makeup makeup look’ in confidence with the help from Namrata Soni, our talented new brand ambassadress and award-winning make-up guru

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