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I do not believe in orchestrating wedding photography - I'm all about the candid. I believe that a wedding unfolds as a story, which demands to be painted in all its pristine glory. Weaving my way through snippets of conversation, cracks of laughter, and the dazzle of jewels, I work best when I stay hidden in the crowds, shooting discreetly and unobtrusively. 

The beauty of a wedding lies in the fleeting glimpses - in entwined fingers, whispered secrets, jubilant cheers, locked gazes, clandestine flashes and everything in between. I like to capture photographs that go beyond just the aesthetic appeal - to spark an emotion, flare a memory, and brew an element of mystery.

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By ananya
I used their services for my wedding

Karan Singh Sidhu was a dream to work with, and our wavelengths matched perfectly. The shoot was fun with classic bridal shots in a lot of unexpected spots – auto rickshaws, dusty gardens, and a barren store; The girls and I had a blast through the day! 

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By ridhima
I used their services for my wedding

Karan, a photographer totally unrecognizable as one in the milieu of one's special day, makes for a natural choice for the perfect bridesman. His excellent aesthetic sense, flair for perfection, comfort with the gharwalas, and a permanent smile makes one want to have him around in moments of nervousness of losing one's independent life. He managed to capture moments I do not ever remember.... Aditya and I are happy to have made the right choice.

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By kamna
I used their services for my wedding

Karan has an amazing eye for truly candid moments. What stands him apart is his ability to connect with you and your family. He knew all the important people, he bonded with them, he even helped out in preparations. We loved his work and more importantly we loved his personal touch and company. A gifted man with a golden heart!

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Price range
What is your basic price for wedding photography?
100000 per day
What services do you offer?
Photography, video
How would you describe your photography style?
What are your terms of payment?
Takes 50% Advance
What's the minimum advance notice that you need?
More than 6 months
Do I need an appointment?
Appointment required
Is there a charge for travelling to other places?
Possible travelling expenses
Please tell us anything curious, anecdotic or amusing about your business.
Growing up, we all had a favourite toy. Mine, was my camera. It seldom left my side, and as the question, "Could you take a photograph?" became all too common at weddings, I thought to myself... Why not?
How long has your business been running?
3-5 Years
Do you work alone or have a team to cover the wedding day?
Work with a team
What is the approximate delivery time of the final photos/video after the wedding?
I like to work on every photograph myself and compile every good shot that’s not only beautiful, but meaningful to you. Therefore, please bear with me, for it will take 2-3 months for me to make you relive those ethereal memories.

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City: 122002

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