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Although Namit and Vipul are computer engineers, it was there passion that drove them towards photography to look at the beautiful world through the lens. To begin with, they were initially involved in fashion and children portfolio shoots and candid shoots too. they never had plans to become a wedding photographer, it just happened to them. When they realised that their real passion was photography they left there IT job and started working on there own. "A photographer is complete when others can see the picture through his eyes" . there photography is all about preserving memories by capturing those rare moments and presenting them in the way they look at them. A wedding evokes happy, emotional and funny instances so they love capturing a combination of it all for there clients so they can relive those special moments with a nostalgic smile when they look through their pictures even after ten or fifteen years of marriage.”

Namit and vipul also works with a team of professionals to offer customised photography and videography services.


  • Luxury
  • Price range

  • What is your basic price for wedding photography?

  • What services do you offer?

    Photography, video
  • How would you describe your photography style?

  • What are your terms of payment?

    40% advance, 50% day we shoot & 10% on the delivery
  • What's the minimum advance notice that you need?

    4 months
  • Do I need an appointment?

    Appointment required
  • Is there a charge for travelling to other places?

    Possible travelling expenses
  • How long has your business been running?

    3 years

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4.9 5 reviews
I used their services for my wedding

Okay...I had to write this review
So here is the deal...The 5 stars here do not do justice how happy me and my wife were when we saw the pictures Namit and vipul and his team had clicked.

From whatever little research we did before hiring them we saw various galleries from various photographers.
However what is so different about namit and Vipul is their innovation.

They do not get stuck in the rut of same things as many other pohotographers.
Each wedding is differently tech.

Even in our case, they did not let us down one bit :)  [ cannot thank them enough for this ]
My entire family was thoroughly pleased with their photography.

They are professional, punctual and deliver on their promise ( well thats an understatement...since in our case they did surpass our expectations).
Not to mention they are very friendly and polite. On the day of our wedding and our pre-wedding shoot me and my wife were very relaxed due to this. 

They know they are creating moments for the couple and take their job seriously. Me and my wife cannot thank them enough.

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I used their services for my wedding

Memories may fade off with time but it’s the photographs that will always bring them back. I was sure of not doing any compromise on photography for my brother’s wedding. I wanted the best and I got the best!

Since we had decided on a quick wedding, I hardly had any days in hand. Like many other photography pages, I used to follow Knotty affair- by Namit & Vipul on Facebook- unlike others this page and their website has some positive vibes that just made me contact them at the earliest.

Initially I met only Namit, a super person to be with, the calmest person I might know by far. He exactly knows what a person is expecting out of him and he is there to turn them into reality- that’s exactly what he did, he poured all my thoughts in a platter and presented it as the ‘Photographs’.

Directly on the day of pre-wedding, met Vipul, truly a gem. A personality totally opposite to Namit, the mischievous one, he will always keep you out of stress and make you happy. He has been one of the most powerful source for me to get things right! When he was around I was rest assured to have the best.

Namit+Vipul (calm and mischief) a perfect combination. Couldn’t dream of anything better.

Thank you for making it all happen, thank you for bringing the life to the photographs, thank you for helping and suggesting things beyond your profession, thank you for being who you guys are!

P.S: The credit also goes to Mayura, Virat, Surya, Naresh and the entire team for making my brother’s wedding happen.

Love you people!

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I used their services for my wedding

Having seen his work on facebook, we were pretty sure we wanted Namit to be our wedding photographer. Turned out that it was one of the best decisions we could have made. Namit is an incredibly talented photographer and has the ability to capture amazing shots even at the most mundane locations. However that is pretty much obvious from his facebook page. What it does not tell though is that Namit is a joy to work with.  He is a very jovial, courteous and humble guy who happens to kick ass at what he does. He became a great friend in a short span of time and it really helped because it made the photo sessions so much fun.Our only advice to anyone considering him- Hire him!

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I used their services for my wedding

I found Namit's profile as highly ranked one on a lot of websites and decided to go with him. His casual photography style was exactly what we needed and he delivered. Loved the outcome!! The photos are beautiful and made our special event extra special to cherish..

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I used their services for my wedding

We choose Knotty Affair by Namit and Vipul as they encapsulated what we wanted in our pre-wedding photos, their photos were interesting, mind blowing and not run of the mill, little pieces of art that captured not just the moment  but the emotion, the love and the happiness.

Your services were by far one of the best aspects of our courtship period. We have raved about you to everyone I know. Thank you so much!!! You gave us memories that we will cherish forever!!

And let me tell you, we have left a second admiring all pics post we received it

Here's one quote for you, which we believe describes you at it 's best.

"There is the thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment"

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